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In no particular order, these are some fine actors/actresses that deserve a comeback!
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Halloween movies for the kids that won't keep them awake all night with fear!
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The BEST Muppet movies from 1979-present
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Some are obvious, others are not. But here are my favorites!
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Some are obvious, others are not. But here are my favorites!
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Tarntino's best movies in order, best to worst.
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Oscar-nominated, praised, snubbed, or not--here's my list of the BEST performances of 2012...
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From movies to TV, Cher's best (and worst) works to date.
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From critically acclaimed, to rarely mentioned, a list of my favorite movies in no particular order. I've counted, and thus far there are 414 Oscar wins & 1,038 Oscar nominations on this list...
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He's done GREAT & he's done DREADFUL. Her's my list & my scores.
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A list of people, movies, etc. that SHOULD have been nominated for Oscars.
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Past and present, my favorite TV shows
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Movies I like, that perhaps, I should not...
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In order of my favorites, the best Muppet movies made.
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A list of Academy Award winners who did NOTHING with their careers after winning Oscar gold.
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