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Misleading movie, 21 June 2003

At first it seems like its going to be a brilliant suspensful sci fi mystery and the movie is exciting. When Quaid gets his ass to mars from then on the movie loses its plot and it goes down hill so it gets boring and tasteless and obviously predictable. Arnie looks serious and stone faced. (he usually does) i must stress the fight scene in the alley involving Harry and his goons is is great and well performed and sexy Sharon Stones peformance is dynamic.

Don (1978)
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great classic, 19 June 2003

Don is a great film its different to other most indian films. Right from the start the first thing that thrills you about this film is the dynamic title music. Its so inspiring and puts you in a good mood for rest of the film. Amitabh's acting is good as allways and his acting from serious to comedy to serious is super. Zeenat Aman is a tough cat in this. I reccomend young people to watch AB movies they are entertaining just as they were when they was first released. Good supporting cast from Pran. Strong role of Iftikar and that sexy Helen doing best for what she's good at.The fight scene at the end is well performed and executed. The same music returns and blends well with the action. I give this film 7/10

Syphon Filter (1999) (VG)
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impressive game, 19 June 2003

This game grips you when you first play it. You feel you are in a hi octane thriller in which you are the star. The game has stealth levels and mainly action levels and they are tough especially the helicopter boss level. I got stuck and helplessly tired of trying that i got the cheat code out.The exhibit level is stealth for a short while but the action begins soon after.The music for this level is top notch the change of tune in accordance to the action make the game play far more enjoyable and overall this game is brilliant but its has its moments of frustration. The cut scenes are excellent and movie type and some great acting from the characters. The pre boss dialogue of Anton Goudeux at the Washington memorial and the music that follows is gripping and its embedded in your consciouness for a long time afterwards. The handling is easy enough the control of the game is comfortable. Its a one path game so once completed you may take your time coming back to it.

Sholay (1975)
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The dynamic duo, 15 June 2003

Sholay is the perfect Bollywood movie which has Hollywood standards. Since its release 28 years ago i still have not come across a movie of similar quality and standards. I think Sholay may of recieved help from Hollywood stunt directors and various other technitions. Somebody correct me if i am wrong. Its dynamic, its explosive ,its romantic and dramatic it has every thing. The action is breathtaking when the bandits are beaten of the steam train there bodies hitting the ground like a sack of potatoes and the horses tumbling head first over heels are all profesionaly executed. Sholay , a one in a million epic.