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These are my favorite period films and television series.

The top 8 are my all time favorites, and none of them are in order. (except that Tess of the D'Ubervilles, Lost In Austen, and Shakespeare in Love are my ultimate favorites).
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These aren't in any particular order
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My most memorable female characters from films with incredible personalities, stories, and realizations. Along with incredible acting performances.

NOTE: These are just from movies i have seen. If you have ANY recommendations, please comment about it.

P.S. I wanted to add Elizabeth Bennet played by Keira Knightley from the 2005 film, but the list maker wouldn't let me add it.
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I haven't seen hardly any of these movies obviously, but I am just predicting because of the actors, plot, and the movies' anticipation. This is just guessing.

My Predictions for acting which are the ones i personally focus on most; are

Best Actor-Leonardo Dicaprio (The whole Oscar politics thing that made Kate Winslet win in 2008 when she had other performances which were FAR better, will probably secure a win for Mr. Dicaprio. I'm not saying he isn't a good actor, just that probably if he does win, most of the reason will be because of that.)

Best Actress-Michelle Williams or Viola Davis

Best Supporting Actor-Kenneth Branagh

I personally want these people to win:

Best Actress: Keira Knightley (I don't think she'll win, and I don't think she did incredibly well in this role, but I personally thought she should've won for Pride and Prejudice over Reese Witherspoon who won for a role she didn't even correctly portray. So I think she should win because she didn't win when she should've.) Viola Davis I think should win though.
Best Actor:Ryan Gosling

Best Supporting Actor: Alan Rickman or Viggo Mortensen

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer

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If I were to ever become an actor, these are the actors I would've loved and probably given almost anything to to work with.
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These are movies that make me bawl my eyes out!! P.S. I LOVE TEARJEARKERS!!!! If you have anymore suggestions commment and let me know!!!!!!!
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This is just my opinion on the best acted characters in comparison to the books; and the brilliant actors that play them.

P.S. the reason i didn't add Harry himself is that I didn't really like Harry's character in the movies. Don't get me wrong, Daniel Radcliffe is a perfect Harry, but in the movies the screenwriters left out Harry's hot-headedness and his short temper which are really significant characteristics of Harry's in the books. They also made Harry more arrogant i feel like in the movies than he is in the books. I'm not saying he isn't arrogant in the books, but he is more so in the movies.

Also, was anyone else angry that they left out the scene near the end of Order of the Phoenix where Harry flips out at Dumbledore? I personally thought it was a bit disappointing for that was one of the most important scenes in the whole series.
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Here is a list of my personal favorite directors of all time, and my favorite movies of theirs. (This is my opinion!!)
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If anyone has any recommendations based on what they see on my list, please comment about it!! Thank You

P.S. The first 20 are my top 20 favorite movies, but the rest are in random order.
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If You Have Any Recommendations, Please Comment that would be extremely helpful!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!
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These are in order from best to worst. (in my opinion.)
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This list is NOT in order!! ( I did rate them though)
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Not in order!!!!!!
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Please add any reccommendations or criticisms about the movies i list that you have!!! That would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL!!!! To check out my favorite movies here is the URL for my favorite movies list. Thanks!!!
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These aren't in order except for the Top 15, which are my top favorites. (In Order.)
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I love the Lord of The Rings, and are my favorite movies of all time.
These are my favorite characters in order.
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These are the performances the Academy did not acknowledge, but should've been.

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If anyone has any suggestions, please comment about them!!

p.s. these are NOT my favorite actresses, but some of them are.
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These Are my favorite Oscar Winning Performances of all time.

P.S. I wanted to add Mary Lee Johnston which was Mo'Nique in Precious, but it wouldn't let me.

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These are the most disappointing choices the academy has ever made.
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My favorite movie's of some of the greatest novels of all time.