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Best dialog lines
17 March 2014
Web Anderson manages unlike anyone else to fully keep you captive without over-exploit aggressive scenes. He gets you engaged with intelligently sprinkled ridiculous scenes, exaggerated such to have you eagerly waiting for the next one.

The unknown and unusual come in handy to build step by step the biography of a person flavorless at first sight - a lobby boy in a relatively isolated world, but who turns out to live his life very intensively. The main figure of the movie Mr. Gurtave H, is the quintessence of his generation: the concierge very strict and meticulous by all standards and energetic enough give life to a huge hotel in the middle of nowhere.

Dialog is the tool which Anderson uses as main ingredient of his film to compensate for the best and most expensive special effects, and to outline all shapes of his characters.
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Gattaca (1997)
10 April 2011
Idiocracy , Avatar, Inception, The Abyss all these movies are views of how the world is supposed to evolve or involve based on a certain idea. Nature, genetics, dreams things that we cannot fully understand transformed in a simple idea can become a believable reality for at least 2 hours.

Gattaca exploits the idea of genetics evolution and how this can lead to genetic discrimination among people. Having a weaker heart or bad view can be determined in the first minute of your life. People are divided between valid and non-valid. Being valid opens any door for you whether being non-valid shuts down any chance for having a good status in the society. However being valid also make everyone expect perfection, being first, being over achiever, never losing. If you are valid you have to support the bargain of your perfection and 10 times more the disappointment of any failure.

...So who wins? This is where yet another "something" we cannot understand comes up - "spirit". So they say spirit has no genes. But is spirit enough to compensate for your good or bad genes? Gattaca movie makes and good attempt to answer this questions. Andrew Niccol, the director of the Truman Show brings on the scene a believable appearance of how world will look like ...a while from now.
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