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Recently I start watching movies other than english language. Few really good and few not bad.
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Oops! even here the clash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wanna know?
I added first three khan at the list and tried to publish, ooooooooooooooooops!
it's saying, unable to save the list.
I was amazed. how their clash work here also, though the list was created and i got 2 email from imdb ""Thank you for creating the IMDb list "Khan's from Bollywood" ""
wow, if i miss anyone, please let me know.
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a list of movie series who have three or more movies. 40+ different series, 150+ movies, most of them I like, few I don't, but as they are in the series, I added them. Though I don't like horror movie, but I added two or three series here, I really like them.