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Took off the films which have over 1000 votes

Since not many movies left on the original 2012 list still have less than 1000 votes, I added some of my own choices. There's an indicated spot that says "End of Original List" so you know when the list ends, and when my choices begin.

The next films to reach 1000 votes:


Dream of a Rarebit Fiend

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Only films that were eligible, no shortlist inclusions or disqualifications
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The final vote limit went from 3000 to 25000 several years ago. Here are the films that were taken off.
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Also inducted:

Martha Graham early dance films
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Well, since there's only 3 feature films from that year I can confirm exist, my "favorite" movies of 1912.
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This includes everything from 1939 to 2013.
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