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2017 can't be as bad as 2016, can it?
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This is a list of Hollywood couples who have been married for over half a century and are still married today!
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Anybody over 90 is on this list.

Non-Actors over 90:

Roberta McCain (1912) **John McCain's mother**
Herman Wouk (1915)
David Rockefeller (1915)
Beverly Cleary (1916)
I. M. Pei (1917)
Billy Graham (1918)
Prince Philip (1921)
John Glenn (1921)
Monty Hall (1921)
Henry Kissinger (1923)
Bob Dole (1923)
George H. W. Bush (1924)
Jimmy Carter (1924)
Barbara Bush (1925)
Queen Elizabeth II (1926)
Hugh Hefner (1926)

Recent Deaths:
RIP Doris Roberts (4/17/16) - age 90
RIP William Schallert (5/8/16) - age 93
RIP Alan Young (5/19/16) - age 96
RIP Madeleine LeBeau (5/1/16) - age 92
RIP Noel Neill (7/3/16) - age 95
RIP Gloria DeHaven (7/31/16) - age 91
RIP Fyvush Finkel (8/14/16) - age 93
RIP Joao Havelange (8/16/16) - age 100 **Non-Actor**
RIP Steven Hill (8/23/16) - age 94
RIP Hugh O' Brian (9/5/16) - age 91
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A list of film and television stars with a career of over 80 years.

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This is a list of celebrities (actors, singers, politicians) who have publicly supported Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Notable Political Figures (1 - 25)

Notable Activists/Humanitarians/Business Leaders/Democratic Individuals (26 - 43)

Artists/Writers/Filmmakers/Producers (44 - 75)

Actors/Comedians (76 - )

Athletes/Sports Figures

Media Personalities

Voice Artists/Musicians
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This is a list of famous folks who either were born or died on the exact same day.
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This list has every honoree since 1978, the inaugural year of the Kennedy Center Honors.

All information on current ages and recent deaths is from May 2016.
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This is a list of people who either have all four major entertainment awards (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) or have three of the four.

Partway through I got bored, so I put some random comments on people's descriptions. You have been warned.
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You can check out my other list, "Academy Award Acting Winners" to learn more about the actors on this list.

List Guide

Best Picture Records: #1-14
Best Director Records: #15-20
Best Original Screenplay Records: #21-22
Best Actor Records: #23-29
Best Actress Records: #30-35
Best Supporting Actor Records: #36-43
Best Supporting Actress Records: #44-49
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These are famous people who also have famous parents!
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These are famous people who share a last name with a U. S. president, but is not related to a president.

1-3: George Washington
4-6: John Adams & John Quincy Adams
7: Thomas Jefferson
8: James Madison
9-10: James Monroe
11-16: Andrew Jackson
17-19: William Harrison & Benjamin Harrison
20-21: John Tyler
22-23: Zachary Taylor
24-25: James Buchanan
26: Abraham Lincoln
27-30: Andrew Johnson & Lyndon Johnson
31-32: Ulysses Grant
33-34: Rutherford Hayes
35: James Garfield
36-37: Chester Arthur
38-44: Woodrow Wilson
45: Warren Harding
46: Calvin Coolidge
47: Herbert Hoover
48: John F. Kennedy
49-50: Richard Nixon
51-53: Gerald Ford
54-57: Jimmy Carter
58: Bill Clinton
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This is a list of actors who have been nominated for Oscars four or more times, but have never won.
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This is a list of previous and upcoming movies made by Pixar.
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This is a list of films, shows, and commercials that have the Wilhelm Scream. It is a combination of multiple lists that you can find on the internet. It is incomplete, but I will add more items as I find them.

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The top 10 highest-grossing movies of 2014 are all on this list with their rankings.
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Page 1~Aames-Coc
Page 2~Col-Gould
Page 3~Goule-Lin
Page 4~Lit-Pi
Page 5~Pl-Turk
Page 6~Turn-Zmed
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I love this show! Do you?
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