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One of the best Pilot's ever!, 30 September 2014

Can i just say that so far (after one episode) i think this show is amazing and has a lot of potential to be a hit.

Unlike so many shows these days that have mildly entertaining pilot's and take a few episodes/half a season to get hooked, i was hooked after about 3 minutes of this show.

It's a fresh idea about Law students and their Criminal Law professor who teaches a class about how to defend a client who is up for murder and win. I wont say much more than that because i don't want to spoil anything for you.

Definitely worth watching even if Law shows aren't usually your thing.

Some people may say it's not realistic but perhaps thats a good thing, i thought it was clever and entertaining and really isn't that what TV shows are suppose to be?

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Great action drama, 9 January 2014

In my opinion this show as well as Chicago Fire (Of which Chicago PD is a spin off of) are the best cop, paramedic and firefighter shows since Third Watch.

Chicago PD is full of action right off the bat and although it may not be the most realistic or factual cop show it is entertaining which is what TV is meant to be. If i wanted to see something realistic id watch a reality highway patrol show... ZzzZz

If you like Chicago Fire Third Watch, SVU or any of those type of shows your bound to love this!

I'm hooked and i've only seen one episode.

The Call (2013/II)
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Whats with all the hate? I really enjoyed it!, 5 August 2013

I just watched this movie and thought it was really good. I currently have an injury so am on bed rest and have watched a lot of movies lately and am getting bored with lots of them but i found this one to be thoroughly entertaining.

The plot in my opinion was great! It was different from the average thriller and to have it be from the point of view of a 911 operator was very interesting. I think it's a profession that gets over looked a lot so it was nice to show what there lives are like.

I thought the acting was great also, Halle and Abigail both did a great job. And considering Abigail hasn't really done anything like this before i thought her performance was excellent.

Yes like any movie there were some things that if you think too hardly don't make perfect sense and maybe could have been done differently, but it was entertaining and had me in suspense the entire time. I didn't have very high expectations but was pleasantly surprised.

So i think it's definitely worth a go. It's not meant to make you think too hard it's meant to entertain you which is exactly what it does.