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Great film for those who do not know much about MT, 17 January 2012

Coming from someone who did not know much history on Margaret Thatcher, I found the movie educational and in a sense unbiased. This to me felt more as a biography giving the main aspects of her life, I know many felt it did not go in more depth but in my opinion it touched on each section of her life allowing you to see where she started, and how she ended. Although I could have done without so many flash backs, I thought the film was extremely well done and Meryl Streep was yet again amazing. I found it very entertaining and not remotely boring. I would recommend it if you are looking for a brief understanding of "The Iron Lady' in a very well done way!

One Day (2011)
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Was thoroughly enjoyed, 20 August 2011

I had watched "One Day" yesterday and was beyond excited because I had read the novel by David Nicholls, which was fantastic. The movie base's around 2 people and their twenty years together, shown only through one day, July 15th. I thought the plot was unique and was a very realistic romance. Sometimes it takes people a lot to lose to realize what life is about, and how certain people are truly important to you. The movie was cute, funny, and quite sad at times. I thought Anne Hathaway did an okay job on the accent, to me it was odd at first but after a couple minutes I had gotten used to it. Her acting was great and you can really see her changing as the years progress. Jim Sturgess was great and in my opinion really portrayed Dexter the best as possible, with the arrogance and attitude exactly as I imagined Dexter would have. In my own opinion the movie was a great watch, was a romance that I had been dying for ever sense The Notebook. Finally a tear jerking but smile at the end movie, that really anyone can enjoy, if your looking for a romance movie.

FInally a real Rom com, 12 August 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love was really a great RomCom. Extremely funny, has the heart melting effect and the actors and actresses were perfect for their roles. Steve Carell never disappoints along with the brilliant Ryan Gosling who is great with comedies, which we don't regularly see him in sadly. Emma Stone was as always laugh out loud funny and totally relatable towards woman, showing what woman really do think when it comes to guys, and Julianne Moore was fantastic for her depressed mid life crisis cheater, was just hilarious. All of them together plus amazing supporting cast made this movie a lovable watch. I would definitely this movie to anyone who is looking to laugh and for some fun. I would say that this movie deserves a solid 8/10

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beautiful and perfect way to finish 10 years of work, 15 July 2011

I am a huge Harry Potter book fan, and have always been a bit disappointed with each film. There has always been key aspects left out, bits that weren't put together as well as the novels, etc. But coming into this film I was hoping to not leave the theatre thinking, I wish they had done this or that, and after waiting in line for 7 hours, I left the theatre with tears in my eyes and a feeling of utter content. Through out the movie each piece that has hung in the air through out all 8 movies, was finally tied together, finally you were able to understand what everything was for and why it happened that way.

The film finished with perfection, and although much did differ from the novels it was changed only for the better, and in this case (unlike in past movies) they actually succeeded in making that change, BETTER.

I recommend not only seeing this movie as soon as possible, but if you are not too familiar with the Harry Potter tale, please go to a block buster or a book store and either watch or read this series, because it is truly a masterpiece

Great way to finish the series, and i'm truly saddened that it is time for goodbye.

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love story, 26 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Literally loved this movie. I watch it constantly, it really grabbed at my heart and I don't think any other movie had made me feel so happy but sad at the same time. The saddest part for me was to see Allie suffering from dimension because as the movie progresses you really are able to connect with Allie as a character, and when it is discovered she has dimension its as if her whole life, beautiful story is gone. Amazing jobs by all 4 main characters Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, James Garner, and Gena Rowland's. They were brilliant at the roles, each portraying the character to the best that I had expected. I had read this book and expected like most, the movie to be horrible compared to the book because in most cases that is how it works. I was happily wrong, this movie beat the book! I loved the detail of the younger area of their love, and it seemed their was more passion in the movie then book. For example the scene when Allie chooses to go back to Lon, In the book it was very dry with no real emotion. But the movie Ryan gosling takes control and shows really whats at lose

I seriously suggest watching this movie, though it does make you expectations for men a lot higher.