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loosing hope on malayalam film industry.
9 April 2012
this is a plain&simple review and i am not much of a reviewer or anything. this is my first review.i felt like writing a review on the movie as their isn't much reviews on this movie.

this movie is extremely boring and from the starting to the end you get that lame feeling when you watch it. this is just another idea from the people working in the film industry just for the money and they did make a lot.there was lots of unwanted scenes and dramas made just for the entry of both the actors in the movie.from the starting till the interval of the movie all we can see/hear is lame dialogues,praising each other and some dumb fights.i felt like my 16 year old brother can write a better story than the story of this movie.

there's basically nothing new in this movie.just the same old BS dialogues and i regret going for this movie.and my suggestion don't pay for it and watch this movie.if your just another DUMB mammootty fan go watch it and make un-necessary noises in the theater and go home.or if you are one of those people who are actually looking for a good movie to watch and feel good after you leave the theater,no don't go for this movie.that's my vote. ps:i tried to sleep from the theater but couldn't because of all the noises,the movie is that bad. my rating 3/10
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once again gives hope to malayalam movies.
27 January 2012
considering the kind of malayalam movies that are releasing these days,this movie gives hope to malayalam movie industry. for the last two years,all the movies that came out was either for the actors marketing or profit. no real story,just cuts and scene filled with slow motions of the actor/actress,well the this movie stands aside from all that. even though this is not the best priyadarshan movie,i'd give it a 7/10.

this movie's based on an nri(mohanlal)and the things that happening in his life,that gets revolved around many other peoples lives.just like all other priyadarshan movies,filled with comedy,with a descent plot and a story.though the movie is a bit predictable at times,still i enjoyed it.keep your thinking part of your brain at home and go watch this movie,you will enjoy it.
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