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worst Chinese movie of recent years, 6 July 2015

Well the reason i tried to watch this movie was only because of Scott Adkins..but i guess you cannot make a movie work only with big names and script and logic also goes hand in hand. And latter was nowhere to be found in this movie.

I apologize to any person if my words here offend any one but my review is only related to the movie, it has nothing to do with any one's belief about their country or society. so here it goes, The acting is nowhere to be found; many scenes in movie do not make any sense and it looks like the director had no clue about how to make a scene work when there is no action taking place. So foolish dialogues and weird logics keep coming up. I did not felt the emotion or intensity behind the voice so acting is not the forte of the main lead. so i thought it's fine because in most of the action packed Chinese movies people expect amazing stunts and that compensates the weak acting skills but such is not the case here.

This movie does not delivers in terms of action as well..only the opening sniper shootout scene was bit creative but i kept hoping for more and realized this scene was the only attraction of the movie..and even the finale fight was not up to the mark..the fight scene looks plain and lacks innovative camera work that made Hong Kong movie industry famous and a recent example would be The Grandmaster (2013) if you know what i mean by that.

The movie is like an instant noodle pack with great packaging but far away from being what it has been advertised as. The movie does not make sense at times and appears like story was written while filming the scenes (Pun Intended). I have seen many Chinese movies over the years and being a non Chinese i still found many flaws with this movie..and recommend to watch it on their own risk as any quality movie fan will not like this. This movie is not a good movie and it can be watched for one time only and would recommend to straight away skip to the climax as only there you will see Scott Adkins in of it from beginning till end is a pathetic experience.

My rating 4.5/10. Some people may not agree with my review but this movie is also not average. so watch it on your risk because you have been warned.

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Lady sherlock Holmes meets DA VinciI Code, 20 June 2015

I got a chance to watch it on Blu Ray. Found the plot interesting...and for some extent was happy with what the movie had to offer after watching it..The movie is about an Undereducated female appraiser or expert in antique jewellery and artifacts who barely manages to pass her high school and a struggling news paper journalist trying to earn respect of his editor and place for himself and how their teamwork brings down a big con involving the MONA LISA.

The movie has its own good and bad points..i am no art expert and i don't know the difference between facts and fiction. But the first half of the movie is very impressive and it builds up lots of hype and suspense and i was hoping it to be like The Prestige kind of suspense but the story after visiting The Louver part goes into some less thrilling kind of dimension. May be the Director wanted the movie to be like suspense thriller but was not able to find good twists or convincing storyline..Although still it is a one time watch and some people may find some interesting facts about the Mona the journey is important then destination...i enjoyed the movie..but the climax of movie is not as great it should have been...the script was not able to create enough boost to storyline..and it was a letdown on such a promising story..but hey it is still good enough and although it is a no brainer and everyone knows who the culprit is but it is thrill of the chase that saves the movie in the end..

Performance wise actors and cast are not very famous names but still delivers their parts convincingly although some scenes of movies are humanly not possible like learning French in a night or better show it in a manner people can be convinced..because if its possible then i can also learn Chinese in a week's time i guess..(Pun Intended)! The score of the movie is also good..some special effects are also good. And the movie production is top any big budget Hollywood movie.

Go and watch the movie you will not find it terrible it is just that you will know that it just lacked little bit in becoming a satisfying experience..And if it would have gone the distance probably it had all the potential of producing a sequel...overall it is 6/10.

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bobby Jasoos is a Sloppy Jasoos, 20 July 2014

Many a times we have witnessed that a strong script or promising plot needs a good direction else it crumbles down on screen. It can happen to any movie whether Hollywood or any other movie industry globally. Bobby Jasoos is no exception in this case. After a long time in Bollywood where fans of suspense or thriller genre were feeling excited after watching the trailers of this movie. As it promised a very entertaining plot similar to the classic Japanese series of Hibari Torimonocho where a female detective in ancient Japan investigates cases. And those movies were pretty entertaining even if swordplay or action was equally involved in increasing the stakes for characters. I am a great fan of suspense movies as i have been infuenced with the stories of writers like Robert Laudlum, Dan Brown, Greg Iles, Stephen L Cater and less known Indian writers like Ved Prakash Sharma. It does not require one to involve every trick of the trade to make a suspense or thriller it just take a promising plot and to provide enough twists that the audience do not loose interest. But same can not be said about this movie. Vidya Balan is playing the lead female detective who do not possess any academic qualification or skills and experience in solving crimes except following neighborhood adults for spying so that she can break off the engagement of the paying party or whose son has started smoking/drinking. She is obsessed with making it big as a female detective and looking for her big break. She is amidst the family expectations of her father in a traditional middle class Muslim family of southern Indian town. Her father and mother wants her to get settled with Tasawur(Ali Fazal)her client cum source TV Reporter, who hires her every now and then to get rid off marriage proposals sent by his own father. While trying to adjust her personal and professional life one day she gets her big break when a client (Kiran Kumar) mysteriously appears and offers her big amount just to find someone and the silly approaches used by her takes the story further with lots of twists and turns where the intentions of this mysterious client are unknown and suspicion of bobby begins to build up.

On the whole you can put the performance in two parts. the first part is before the interval where it felts like the movie has indeed something good to offer. All the elements of a good story building are here. And expectations gets high. But in post interval any person who has seen even a single suspense movie can tell the climax way before the ending (not exactly but one get the feel what could be the possible scenarios in their gut). So once the movie finished i wished if i could meet the director and can give him couple of my ideas on how to make story better if next time he tries his hands on the suspense again. Vidya Balan played her part and she was fine in her given role. but what makes a detective detective is not relative here. It is just a pain to watch such a promising plot go down the drain. If Indian directors wants to know how a suspense or detective thriller movie should be made just watch this Hong Kong movie The Detective(2007) starring Aaron Kwok. I am mad because this movie could have been a block buster with the kind of plot the director had and still they cannot give a spine chilling or maddening suspense thriller. The male lead has done a good job and he looks comfortable along with Vidya. The Veteran Kiran Kumar had nothing more to do but why stay limited at one bad guy. The one complaint that i had with the movie is why the director did not used his imagination in creating a real Jasoosi story whose tile involves the word Jasoos itself. I believe the producers also are a reason in India as why the promising plots does not turns out to be a good movie. They worry too much and do not allows a new or less known director to give the freedom in experimenting with the story. The Music in the movie was not required at all and is not pleasing. None of the songs will be remembered by any one. So instead of wasting good 20-22 minutes of audience some of the work on story would have been nice. But it is of no use. The movie is a one time watch. It will please to some audience who have not been able to enjoy any good quality suspense movies in recent time. But it is opinion of just one man who has seen movies of every other country and knows the elements of a good suspense story telling.

Characters have worked hard no doubt about it. It is easy to criticize the actors or movie but it takes real hard work in making them as well and i really appreciate all your hard work. but this complaint i am making is just because i know we can make good cinema but sometimes we can do better as we have all the things we require. So keeping my fingers crossed for future as someone in Bollywood may have better talent in making such suspense stories a treat for everyone.

My Rating 5/10.

Trance (2013/I)
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Hard to Forget, 21 July 2013

Danny Boyle has tried his hands on a different genre this time and it is a crime story with background to hypnosis. The whole psychology version of the movie may not be entirely true in the real life but the way Danny has brought it here is somehow ingenious.

James McAvoy playing as Simon, an art auctioneer, becomes involved in the theft of a painting from his own auction house. Simon's colleague Franck played by Vincent Cassel confronts him at gunpoint and takes the painting from him by hitting the butt of shotgun on his temple because Simon deviates from the plan of handing the painting quietly and tries to stun Frank in an effort to save the painting. He looses consciousness and wakes up in hospital. Later it is revealed that the case which frank snatched from the Simon is empty. So, where is the painting only Simon can tell. But when Frank & his goons tortures Simon they came to know that Simon is going through amnesia and decide to send him to a hypnotherapist of Simon's choice to recall the memories of the heist so that he can recover the painting and sell it. But the therapist finds out what trouble Simon is in and demands from Frank that she will help in recovering the memories of Simon only if he lets her be a partner in the profit. Frank Agrees and then the therapy begins and as the new information is revealed by Simon the mystery deepens.

The movie revolves heavily around the concept of trance A half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium. And also of manipulated behavior and suppressed memories and the desire to fill them with a version of suitable outcome which human mind sees fit to avoid the fear or the reality of the actual events.I remember reading the concept of hypnosis in the novel The Interpretation Of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld and like the novel the therapy sessions in the movie depicts the struggle of human mind and its reaction to grab the reality or even a fraction of it to uncover the truth.

The movie is good and after a long time i enjoyed any psychological thriller. The movie satisfied me and the pace of the story was good. The suspense and mystery was really high and i was not able to guess what happened during the heist and what WERE the actual intentions of the therapist or Simon or Frank.

Everyone played their part perfectly especially Rosario Dawson as Dr. Elizabeth stole the show and as Danny Boyle had rightly said during his interview that this is "the first time I put a woman at the heart of a movie." Her performance will turn your heads and you will admire her work along with James McAvoy. The movie has really hot sex scenes and quite violent sequences and they all make the story more tense and interesting.

The movie is commercially well thought out and has all the material to entertain. Though it is possible that the actual therapists find some of the therapy sessions absurd especially "strawberry" part or electric shocks highly misrepresented it still can be forgiven if we see the larger picture and this movie does deliver.

I enjoyed a lot and a must watch. 8/10

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Bloody, Brutal, Blazing and British, 25 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We all have seen plenty of movies in this genre and every one has their moments to share with others but in recent times there has not been any.

The fans have been longing for some insane gore fest to brag about and i think it has been fulfilled by this movie to some extent. The movie is shot in London and one will find familiar sights of Thames and surroundings. The movie is a small budget affair so i did not expected anything great from it though in the past i have seen many Brit thrillers and i really loved them as they had a different ruggedness and dark humor with superb performance which takes them to level you cannot compare with American one's.

if we talk in the context of this movie it is a c4 wrapped in a bullet. It starts and blows your mind away. It leaves its impact despite its limited budget. I am not saying that it is a perfect movie but it entertains you and despite its flaws it works. Violence lovers will love it and action fans will definitely love the zombies being blown up and being smashed with hammers and swords chopping off body parts. If you are on to much darker side then guts spoiling and torn flesh will work for sure.

This movie takes some liberty from a typical zombie movie and shows skeleton zombies who spread the virus instead of some intentional break out and some other loopholes which i will not discuss here. Many might find these unbelievable; well its Brit and you have to accept their logic.

Now moving from script i would also like to mention the story part. The movies does have a story in a mission like situation where the lead pair of brothers have to rescue their grandfather who is stuck with his other old mates in a old age home which is also surrounded by zombies and they don't have any means to defend themselves and it is a matter of time before zombies will break all the windows and doors to finish them off. So time is running out and the squad of freshly turned bank robbers have to now play hero in order to save the people they love. So story moves really fast and plenty of action keeps the interest going with some twists here and there and humorous situations keep arising.

Overall the movie is good and a fun way to relive this genre we always finds ourselves ready for. It does justify itself and in a typical British style it makes you feel English with its east London Dialect.

Go watch it and you will enjoy it without a doubt.

Overall rating- 7.5/10

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The Best Conspiracy/Political Thriller of The Year, 1 October 2012

In 2008, the American Carnegie Endowment's Foreign Policy magazine named Russia as "the worst place to be a terrorist" and highlighted especially Russia's willingness to prioritize national security over civil rights.

But this movie represents the other side of the story which is based on the similar life experience of Luke Harding who summed up his Post Cold war Russia Experience in his 2011 book Mafia States. Now most of the people who don't know about him know this-

Luke Daniel Harding (born 1968) is a British political journalist working for 'The Guardian newspaper.' He was the correspondent of 'The Guardian' in Russia from 2007 until he was expelled from the country in 2011 over his critical articles. His 2011 book Mafia State discusses the political system in Russia under Vladimir Putin, which he describes as a mafia state.He is the first foreign journalist to be expelled from Russia since Cold War ended. He is now posted in the London office of 'The Guardian.'

The movie basically depicts his experiences thought with some changes but the basic settings or plot remains the same where a foreigner journalist who is from Germany (and also the son of a deceased political journalist who used to work with the same magazine during the USSR era and post USSR era.)comes to work for a Russian Celebrity Magazine who publishes page three stories for rich and influential Russians as they no longer publish stories which might displease the powerful government and The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation who treat media censorship as a necessity to suppress the things they don't want to go public in dealing with matters of terrorism or national security any way they please to justify here the concept of national security over human rights.

But the movie not only depicts the inhumane methods of tortures developed by stasis in Germany during WW-II days but also the terrifying possibilities of secret services' hand behind some of the domestic terrorist attacks to justify the military warfare in Chechnya. As one character says,"The threat of terror is the only thing which unites the people of a country its a historic fact."

He also says,"Russia was on its Knees..In 1988 Russia was as poor as a third world nation, most reflecting for the country that once was second most powerful in the world; everything collapses..Army, economy, whole society..we were at the abyss. Then the president managed to take us back. Only a fool thinks that it doesn't have its prize."

So the story deals with the question of who being the actual threat is. the main character writes an article of a recently deceased investigation journalist who was found dead in mysterious circumstances completely unaware of the fact that he soon will be involved with psychological war with secret service officials and terrorist attacks and dark and twisted power games who will terrorize him and will test him when his fathers past is also revealed during his investigation for truth.

Overall the movie do raise questions about some serious issues of human rights and social willpower to resist the misuse of power which uses terrorist attacks to make more anti terrorist laws to give more power to military and make the life of common man more difficult. It represent the side of modern day Russia which has been hidden or unseen for masses of outside.

I saw this movie and it do has a similar plot with the book Mafia State though i have not read the book completely yet an on screen view was a treat. It had a gripping plot and twists were in plenty. Every person shown in the movie was not what they claim they were..there were many moments of doubt and suspense and it is entertaining.

On the whole the movie is a decent effort and to show these kind of stories is always a challenge. Screenplay is good and it is fast pace. Acting is also decent and some serious efforts by male lead has been put in some scenes especially in the FSS prison where the inhumane conditions prisoners are kept in.

I was impressed by the movie and it is a great to see a decent political thriller after the Pierce Brosnan starer Ghostwriter and it is commercially entertaining.

My rating is 7.5/10..

Go watch it for things Russia is not famous for!!

Set Off (2008)
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Fallen from the sky, stuck on a date palm-Hilarious as hell, 24 September 2012

The movie tells the story of a honest and caring overseas Chinese Lao Cui who has just returned to china to finalize his divorce with his ex wife with whom he was trying to settle in Cyprus where he runs a small restaurant but even after working so hard he was never been able to afford the place forget about bringing his wife over there and during his frequent trips between his hometown and Cyprus increased his marital problems and his marriage comes to an end.

Movie begins when he comes to china.The moment he lands in China his problems starts, first his wife lefts him in front of his eyes which another man. With breaks his heart and suddenly he receives the news of his shop being sold to some other competitor in Cyprus if he does not reach back there and make a timely paperwork or payment to the actual owner. So he has to rush back to Cyprus asap after finalizing his papers for divorce. He meets with his old friend who is a small time actor who happens to be well connected with directors and star casts given his somehow less known movie appearances. Both guys talk and departs and Cui decides to head back to the airport so that he can catch the return flight to Cyprus and hires a taxi but before jumping into taxi a half drunk girl comes from behind and puts a knife on his throat and threatens the taxi drives to take her somewhere safe so that she can avoid the two men who are pursuing her for something which is of worth something; but the taxi driver refuses so Cui being a nice guy ask the taxi driver to do so. He drops the girl at her apartment but she accidentally leaves him outside and fell asleep. And then things starts to take unexpected turns when after dropping the girl at home he is left outside with all of his luggage left inside the apartment of this girl Xia.

So the things happen after that makes you laugh like hell and also enjoy the bittersweet moments arising out of unusual situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The script was tight and swift so i didn't feel bored. Humor factor was also in plenty there more of situational though but a genuine one. Acting was smooth and convincing...all the characters did their part well so no complaint here. Story also was simple yet grasping so overall the movie is a fun to watch despite its small star cast it is one of the best Chinese comedy movie i have seen in recent years. Highly recommended!! My rating 7.5/10

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Weak script yet manages to wrap it, 20 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was fortunate enough to watch this movie before it is releasing on mass media. The RE franchise is here with one more release and like its previous gaming storyline we also see Leon S. Kennedy (Fans might recall him in the Bio hazard installment)as the lead character.

Here he once again is on a mission in one of the fictional country named as East Slav Republic which was a part of former USSR and now is suffering in a domestic war with socialistic rebels and whole country is on a verge of destruction as CIA and Kremlin suspects that more radical methods (here Bio Organic Weapons B.O.W.S in short)of tactics are being employed by either of the side to win this war but which side they are not sure. Hence Leon is send here to seek and neutralize any such threats found. As he infiltrates the country he is informed that US govt. has ordered all the American citizens in the Slav Republic to return at once so as military of Slav is ready to destroy the rebels once and for all and the country was not secure for civilians.

But Leon witnesses something strange and decides to disobey the direct order of US govt. so that he himself will investigate further one if any conclusive evidence is found he will neutralize it and only then he will return but he is captured by rebels after a slave mutant creature attacks him in an abandoned parking lot and after that it is cat and mouse game for both the parties involved and Leon finds himself in between both of them but who is real threat he yet has to figure out.

Well as the movie progressed i was amazed at the graphics and animation is lot better then previous installments yet the creatures were not given proper style and most of the time they felt like a bubble floating on screen..they were looking more like a video game scenario rather to be a part of a movie. so i was not pleased here but overall the sound and visual effects were pretty good and storyline was somehow similar like you are surrounded with creatures in a remote area and no help is around you have ammo and you gotta find your way out.

Though storyline is still in the sync with the theme of this RE franchise the one thing i liked was that the way movie ended it also kept the suspense going for me and we might see the sequel for this in the coming year or so. The dark elements of the movie were more heavy here like dark corridors, underground tunnels, sound effects and off course violence every thing you are familiar in this series is showcased little bit here which was a surprise as i did not witnessed any thing more twisted and disfigured as i was hoping and was disappointed as after playing so many parts and encountering dozens of freaky creatures my appetite for entertainment fell short but still the director used the thematics to kept the story going and i would say he did an OK job.

So a weak story line might prove a disadvantage for this movie because the whole theme of the movie demands more twist, action, madness and freaky monsters which was in shortage here.

Still movie reign ahead due to better entertainer then latest Resident evil installment starring Mila Jovovich which has no story at all.

This movie has decent action scenes which keep the interest going and does not disappoint in the end as the smart climax does not disclose the whole story and a lots of questions are left unanswered.

Final verdict- Go watch it; as it still manages to entertain thought people might find the game-play stories of RE franchise more capturing and exciting but it is a decent effort as there is not any formula for making a hit movie. The Director and technicians have made good efforts and and as a fan i still love whatever this franchise can offer.

And don't worry you can recommend it to friends despite its weak story line.

My rating 7.5/10

Red Lights (2012)
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Poor Man's 6th sense, 19 September 2012

Don't be discouraged with the summary of my review!! i am merely stating the fact that if the studio had been more enthu about the project it would had been a successor to the movies like inception or the prestige!! I saw this movie and i was quite excited about it simply because the plot was somehow familiar yet the sense of their connection with the basic idea of a typical human life's struggle to understand the unexplained phenomena of para or divine potential of human mind which has been never proved or rejected completely in modern science.

The starting of the movie might not appeal to most of the people as i also felt that the initial 10-12 minutes were not a good way to begin which simply never connected with the main theme of the movie...but as i said it was ambiguous yet was connected to the movie within the very first thirty minutes or so..yet most of the audience might go with me on this that it was not a good way to start the movie...may be the writing had to be more experimental or visionary to scout a new scenario to feel more majestic enough to build a sense of connectivity with the modern day conflict to accept or reject the thought of something superior than science.

But never the less the script yet had enough material to keep the interest of mine going..i was dying to know what actually is gonna happen..thought i might like to add that these movies are totally driven from plot or the thought process yet some clever direction and sound effects and nice acting made it possible for me to enjoy this movie..i will not say it is great but it is decent enough to share with people you know...but don't want to compare it with inception or other psychological thriller of recent times...but still i was not happy the way studio has never taken it seriously.

A good budget might have ensured it a more improved run on the predecided media but overall it is still a good watch. I would like to say that Cillian Murphy(Red Eye fame) amazed me with me his performance.

Robert De Nero was typical and Sigourney Weaver also done her part well. There was nothing to do much for others.

Overall movie does have its predictable nature but one had to be smart enough to figure it.

My only complaint is that it had potential but the production house never was excited about it so it is a just one time watch.

Watch it and you will not be disappointed but may not feel entertained like inception or the prestige or the 6th sense.

A brilliant effort despite the production constraints!!! 7/10

The Raven (2012/I)
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'Prophet!' said I, 'thing of evil! - prophet still, if bird or devil!, 18 July 2012

As everyone know Edgar Allan Poe (born Edgar Poe; January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849) was an American author, poet, editor and literary critic, considered part of the American Romantic Movement. Best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre, Poe was one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story and is considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre. He is further credited with contributing to the emerging genre of science fiction.[1] He was the first well-known American writer to try to earn a living through writing alone, resulting in a financially difficult life and career.

But as it has been proved time and time again that if you are alive people might not take much interest in your work or life or ideology but if you die in mysterious circumstances they will try to know every thing about you so that they can determine what actually was behind all this. As is the case of this movie. I really didn't knew anything about Poe but after watching this movie i did read some of his stuff mainly His famous poem "THE RAVEN" which made people notice Poe in the first place and eventually the production house decided to borrows its title from the very same poem. Thought this bird had nothing to do with the original movie it somehow brings the required darkness or environmental effect in this movie like The Opera directed by Legendary Dario Argento.

What is Good: Well the historical settings, the suspense and gore, pace of the story and nice blend of fiction and history; a really intelligent mixture of real life character with detective fiction.

What's Bad: Well Cusack did his best but some how weak screenplay let him down in performing his character to perfection, the not so smart climax and somehow predicable storyline(not overall-some places maybe).

Loo Break: Not actually, the fast story and events will not let u leave.

Verdict: The Raven is a good watch for most of its duration but a weak screenplay might disappoint the extreme fans of thrill & suspense.

Script Analysis: The story of Ben Livingston (screenplay) & Hannah Shakespeare gives you historical account of Poe's life, work & his and love interest and tries to mix it with a crime tale to mold the last days of his life into something totally believable and to some extent audience not aware of the legendary Poet's life will fall for it. The treatment of the script is similar to the 1999 novel Archangel by Thomas Harris where former Russian Dictator Stalin is taken as the backdrop and he shows how old KGB spy forms a plot to bring his legacy back in Kremlin and Moscow. Though both novel and movie differs in many angles but overall a real life character is taken here and something fictional is created. And if we look at the script it has weight but some little more effort was required especially in the climax part.

Star Performance: Luke Evans as Detective Fields of Baltimore PD was good in his role and he managed to survive the shortcomings of the script. Alice Eve as Emily Hamilton did OK and there was not much for her to do and i would give her a benefit of doubt due to the limitation of her character but she pleases to eyes. Sam Hazeldine was impressive. And Last but not the least Our John Cusack well also fell prey to the weak characterization;but he was not alone to blame because the director made a lots of physical changes for his on screen appearance and i think if they would have been according to real life photographs of Poe like his mustache and hair style he(Cusack)some how would have appeared more convincing in his role as Poe but he looks more like a wanna be playboy stuck into the thresh hold of his old character and the new one he wants to be; in short, he never fully grasped or penetrated the character. But again you may forgive him once the climax is finished.

Direction: James McTeigue who is known for his work as first unit director of major successful Hollywood block busters especially with Wachowski brothers like The matrix series and V for Vendetta and star wars to name a few has once again shown his knack for tales of fiction and mystery. He overall manages to bring this movie somehow a realistic feel despite the weak narration and twists offered by the writers. He has used the atmospheric elements like fog and lightening and half lit corridors and tunnels to give a much darker theme to the movie which is commendable. The Last Word: The Raven Despite its weak screenplay especially towards the climax is overall a good watch and if one forgets the shortcomings of the script it is a good entertainer. The only complain i have is the way the movie finished was really abrupt. My Rating 7.9/10 because despite its weakness it entertained me.

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