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Al-Shabaab propaganda film or unintended consequence?, 3 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First, let me say that this film was a little like watching paint dry. I know, a lot of people are saying it is suspenseful and tense -- and it is in some spots -- but overall, it takes a long time to come to the end of this film...and it's only 1 hr and 42 minutes long.

Second, I don't know if the filmmakers intended to make an Al-Shabaab/ISIS propaganda film or it just turned out that way but that's how it felt to me. The decision to file a missile with the choices being (a) most likely kill one innocent little girl but take out 2 suicide bombers who are minutes away from killing perhaps hundreds of innocent lives, along with several high value terrorists, or (b) let the little girl live but sacrifice as many as hundreds of innocent lives who will be in the proximity of the suicide bombers....hmmm...

It appeared to me that the film came down on the side of the terrorists -- let them live and blow themselves up later along with an untold number of innocent people...just so the sweet little girl in the wrong place at the wrong time can live...

And let me say that if our real life drone operators are as weak and "morally"-riddled as the ones portrayed in this film -- then we need new drone operators. Because I'll bet in real life, they don't know all the information that was gathered together and analyzed and discussed to come to the conclusion to fire a missile and I, for one, certainly wouldn't want a rookie drone operator (#1) or one with 2 years of using remote controls (#2) making those kinds of decisions based on what "they" might or might not feel is "right" or "moral." Here's a tip -- DON'T JOIN THE MILITARY...because the military kills people. Duh...

And let's certainly hope that not every decision like this is first run through a political filter (like in this movie) to see if it should be done instead of just doing what is clearly in society's best interests and saving untold number of lives. Yes, its sad there can and is collateral damage but it would be infinitely more sad to have dozens and dozens and dozens of families suffer the loss of their loved one...vs. one family suffering that loss. I know, it's harsh but those are the types of decisions that have to be made.

In the end, this movie just annoyed me and I was left just shouting at the screen (internally of course)... JUST DO IT ALREADY! I thought the best line in the movie came from Alan Rickman's character after the bleeding heart politician chastises him over this girl losing her life when he tells her, "never tell a soldier they don't know the cost of war."

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Thank God We Got In For Free, 11 February 2011

What an awful, non-funny, crass, stupid movie. Don't waste your money...and if you get the chance to see it for free...don't waste your time. It's that bad.

I will admit I am not a big fan of Ashton Kutcher, but surprisingly the quality of this movie had already hit the "stink" level without factoring in Ashton's acting skills. We can start with the writing, the directing, the story, etc....just pitiful.

Honestly, I would have had a more enjoyable two hours if I had walked out after the first fifteen minutes...and it wasn't just date hated it as well. But I had indulged in an order of nachos and didn't want to drag those with me out into the cold, cold, Chicago night so we stayed and finished our snacks and then stayed just hoping against hope that there would be some redeemable quality to the movie..... alas.....there wasn't.

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Not a bad movie....not a great movie....some good songs, 7 January 2011

This is a decent movie but not one that I loved. The singing in the movie is top notch except for 1 or 2 of Paltrow's songs which were just okay. These are some seriously talented people. Huge surprise that Leighton Meester is a terrific singer. You might know her from Gossip Girl.

You probably already know the synopsis -- alcoholic singer goes back on the road to try and reclaim her past star status pushed along by her manager/husband. She bonds with a young male singer/guitar player who she brings along on her mini-tour who, despite the best of intentions, can't quite pull her out of her addictive cycle. Leighton Meester plays a very sympathetic and likable character who is just trying to live her dream...she's brought along on the tour by the husband/manager.

Overall, it was a depressing see someone battling addiction and how it eventually wears down the people around them to the point where they look like they are nasty (poor McGraw) when in reality they are just tired of the cycle of self-destruction.

What was entertaining and enjoyable about the movie was the songs and the concert scenes. It was a nice movie to go see on a snowy night....doubtful that I would rent it once it became available or buy it on DVD...which is kind of the benchmark for me on what is a good movie.

You won't waste your money seeing it but you'll probably wish you'd seen it at a reduced price or at the matinée if you paid full price.