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Fantastic, 6 July 2003

Beautifully filmed. By turns touching, funny, and painfully sad.

It is definitely a classic. A wonderful story for the gay/lesbian audience, and anti-authoritarian to anyone else who's interested. Wonderful artistic depiction of the characters.

Besides, Dorothea Wieck really is hot.

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An absolutely amazing artistic film, 6 July 2003

This was an incredible movie. Yes, it was artistic. No, it was not action-based. It was not MEANT to be a suspense film. It was meant to be a film portraying the psychosis of a terrified child surrounded by the lies adults commonly tell children. It is a fantasic picture of a child's world distorted by loss, fear, and confusion. If you are looking for a movie like Con Air, or Lord of the Rings, by all means go watch something else. This movie is more like Memento, but quieter, sadder, and rather more confusing.

Yeah, you really have to be interested in film to love this flick. But if you've got an eye for artsy movies, you'll love this.