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All the movies that i've watched that are crazy violent
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This is the people I would choose for a Mega Man movie
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I'm writing a superhero called Dragon about a martial-artist, David Ling in present day New York City who suddenly posseses powers of an ancient chinese martial-artist after an antique dragon shoots out of ball of green flame at David turning him into a super fighter. Now the evil emperor Li Ying-Chou has sent fighters with super powers foward in time to kill David / Dragon and the villains have pretty nifty names. Here are the actors I would portray David / Dragon and the antagonists.
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The movies with lots vulagarity (mostly lots of bad language)
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All the characters in movie that you cheered for. By the way their in particular order
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Characters we hated, feared, and hoped they would just die. Here are some of those characters. No particular order
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You're a man and you want to watch a movie that makes you feel more like a man
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