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Fair weather friends...., 27 April 2017

When the episode begins, 'Mike' (Richard Kimble) is saying his goodbyes to a family of migrant workers, the Kellys. Mr. Kelly swears that if Mike stays with them, the family will protect Kimble's identity, as they figured out a long time ago that he was on the run. Despite this and their daughter being infatuated with him, Mike leaves. Soon Girard arrives...and Mr. Kelly caves in and tells him where Mike is! Fair weather friends, huh?

Well, their allegiance to Mike gets another opportunity. By the time Girard catches up to his quarry, a hurricane has come into the area and the pair are forced to take the same barn as the Kellys and other migrants that like Mike. Now they get to see again if they'll rise to the occasion or just sit back and watch Kimble being taken back to prison.

This is an interesting episode because it explores human nature...which can be fickle. Overall, well worth seeing and worth your time.

He's 42?! Who are they trying to fool?!, 27 April 2017

I am only a mild fan of the films of Bob Hope. But one thing I noticed is that in general, his older films tend to very enjoyable and the newer ones seem tired at best. Comsidering this was Hope's last starring role, you can pretty much guess that I did not enjoy the picture...though I was hoping it would be more watchable.

When the story begins, Dan and Sheila Bartlett (Bob Hope and Eva Marie Saint) are a married couple who do a daily talk show. According to the script, Dan is 42...which is utterly ridiculous as Hope was pushing 70 at the time! Well, the pair are at each other's throats and Dan needs a break--so he takes a vacation on his own in the middle of no where in Arizona. Soon after arriving at his rental, he finds a body....and only moments later the body disappears. So he goes to find the police...and the police find this same body in his car! Now he's suspected of killing this lady, though the police let him go. That night, when he goes to bed, he kinds a goofy young lady (Anne Archer) naked in his bed. She apparently thought the house was unoccupied. Whatever.

Soon, Mrs. Bartlett arrives to try to help her husband....and soon more bodies start piling up and the couple do the smart thing. She breaks him out of prison and they set about trying to solve the murders!

So does any of this sound funny? Nope...and it looks as if they writers weren't even trying to make a comedy. Apart from Hope's incessant asides (none of which are funny), it's like there was no attempt to make the audience laugh. The overall effect looks like a bad made for TV mystery movie and the film is simply tiresome. Nothing to recommend it.

Sort of like a women in prison film written by a charm school graduate!, 27 April 2017

Before I talk about the movie, there is a bit of confusion that Americans might feel when they see this film about a women's reform school. Apparently, the person running the prison is called the 'matron' and the women working under her are called 'wardens'. In the States, it's the other way around...there is only one warden and that's the boss of the prison.

The story is about Ann Turner (Jill Ireland), a nice young girl who is sent to prison for a crime she didn't commit. Her adjustment to the prison life is tough at first, as the lady who lied and got her sent to prison is there! Fortunately, the nice Matron takes a liking for her and gives her a chance. But this chance is jeopardized when one of the wardens pushes one of the ladies to kill herself. Ann refuses to help her or the matron because she feels the riot that resulted from this was justified.

This film is an incredibly mild women in prison sort of picture-- nothing like the American versions such as "Caged". So, while the treatment by the warden is supposed to be harsh, it all seems incredibly lame when compared to the much tougher and more violent American women in prison films. American films have a strong suggestion of lesbianism and sadism...whereas this one looks like a prison film written by a charm school graduate! Not a bad film...but one that is incredibly tame and 'nice'!

Not bad at all...., 27 April 2017

"The Projected Man" is a film with a low overall score and this isn't surprising since it was featured on "Mystery Science Theater 3000"...a show that makes fun of old films. Many of the films featured on the show have been god-awful. And, since the films were lampooned on the show, folks incorrectly assume they're all schlock...which isn't really fair to the folks who made the movies. With "The Projected Man", you've got a dandy sci-fi film that IS worth seeing without all the "MST3000" sarcastic remarks.

The film is about Professor Steiner's research on transporting items from one location to another through matter transmission--much like the "Star Trek" transporter system (which also debuted in 1966). They have no problem making inanimate objects disappear and reappear but it's not so easy with living creatures. What the professor and his team don't know is that some folks are deliberately trying to sabotage their work. Ultimately, Steiner does something VERY dumb-- -he uses the system on himself. There's an accident and he ends up being part man part monster...and he's determined to pay back the folks who sabotaged his work.

While this is not a brilliant film, it's much more intelligent and thought out than you might suspect. It's NOT just a crappy monster film but is enjoyable and has a bit of depth to it. Worth seeing.

Not THAT bad..., 26 April 2017

AIP and 2.5 statue 5200 ad Florida swamps future---medallion asking for help

Currently, "Terror From the Year 5000" has an abominably low score of 2.5. This would indicate that this is a truly horrible film...but it isn't. Now I am not saying it's a good movie, but the picture clearly is suffering from "Mystery Science Theater 3000" syndrome. In other words, when a film is made fun of my the show, huge numbers of the viewers of the show go online and bombard IMDb with scores of 1. If you look at the bottom 100 films on IMDb, you'll also see that nearly all of the American films from the 1950s, 60s and 70s were skewered on that TV show as well. Often, much worse films manage to stay off the list simply because of exposure. So, if you are looking for a film as wretched as "Plan 9 From Outer Space" or "Robot Monster", well, you should keep looking.

The film is about a weird experiment going on in the middle of nowhere in Florida. Why this odd location? Because the project requires so much energy it would tend to interfere with the equipment of folks living nearby. And what IS this huge power draw for....well, to make contact with folks from the future! Eventually, they are able to bring objects from the year 5200! And, a bit later, they get a medallion that is begging for help! So is this future trying to contact us? And, is this a good thing?

Now I am not going to say that this is a great film. The 'monster' is silly but there are much worse examples from the era. Overall, an okay movie but certainly not an awful picture. The acting and direction are competent...not really good, but competent.

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No....just no., 26 April 2017

This is a made for television version of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and more often than not, it misses the mark. Part of it is the acting (which is occasionally hammy) but the biggest problem is the script. The Mark Twain novel was only a GENERAL guide for the script and perhaps THE most important part of the novel is missing---the slave Jim escaping down river with Huck and Huck's realization that this was a man...not just some piece of property. My assumption is that the producers didn't want to irritate the racists out there who would be offended by the novel's strong anti-slavery tone...a very cowardly way to handle this. Additionally, again and again, major portions of the story are just if they perhaps skimmed the novel or didn't like it and so they changed it liberally...and destroyed the story as well as made it very dull. As a result, I cannot recommend you see this...try to find a much more faithful version or read the book!

I may not be the best judge of this one..., 26 April 2017

I have seen three different versions of "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" and have come to the realization that I simply don't like the story--not this one nor the two famous movies with Will Rogers and Bing Crosby as Sir Boss. In light of this, my disliking this "Studio One" version certainly shouldn't come as any surprise.

Thomas Mitchell plays the hero, Hank Morgan and he is magically transported back to the days of the fictional King Arthur. There, he uses his knowledge of modern technology to impress the locals and convince them he should be proclaimed 'Sir Boss'. And, repeatedly, this knowledge not only saves him but Arthur.

Because this was live broadcast on TV during the earlier days of the medium, the budget was rather low and the production rather confined in the sound stage. This makes it even worse than the not so great films. Watchable...but just barely. "Studio One" made some amazing productions....just not this one in particular.

A reworking of "Born Yesterday"..., 26 April 2017

Eddie Slade (Paul Richards) is a hood with plans of making a big killing...though right now, his 'friends' want nothing to do with him. Eddie's girl, Penelope (Laura Devon), is gorgeous but simple- minded...and Eddie likes her that way. But Penelope wants to improve herself, as she has little in the way of education and is embarrassed by this. Seeing how well cultured and educated Jack (actually, Richard Kimble in his latest alter ego) is, she longs to pick up on some of his fine ways. So, she convinces him to improve her mind and manners in order to make her proud not just of who she is outside but inside as well. All the while, a very nosy guy (Wayne Rogers) seems to be keeping an eye on her...or perhaps Kimble. Who is he and what is going on with him?

I noticed that the summary makes reference to "Pygmalion" with Professor Higgens and Liza Doolittle. While this is appropriate, an even more appropriate comparison is this episode with the movie "Born Yesterday". In fact, it's an obvious re-working of this film in many, many both are about a pretty trophy girlfriend who learns refinement and the consternation of the mobster boyfriend. Regardless, the story is very interesting and well worth watching.

Once again, Kimble wants to visit with his family., 26 April 2017

This episode begins with Richard Kimble learning that his father has died. Not surprisingly, he wants to check in with his sister to see how she's doing...and, not surprisingly, the police are keeping an eye on her in case Kimble visits. So, to avoid this surveillance, his sister and brother-in-law slip out of town and come to another town to meet Richard. Here is where it gets interesting...Kimble's sister is recognized at the airport by the wife of the man who prosecuted him! However, oddly, she seems to have no desire to alert the fact, she offers to help set up the meeting with Kimble! Why? Why is this lady working against her husband?

It seems that once a season, Kimble has a family episode. And, I've noticed that these are all very good shows because instead of the usual formula, the family offers some alternatives. Well worth seeing.

This girl's got issues...., 26 April 2017

"Shadow of the Swan" is a strange and confusing installment of "The Fugitive" much so that I was left feeling dissatisfied by the time it was completed.

When the show begins, Kimble is attending a carnival. On his way home from the place, he stops by the lake and meets a gorgeous young lady, Tina (Joanna Pettet). She takes an instant liking to him and helps him find a job and get on his feet. However, this new benefactor has MANY hidden issues and she takes lots of crazy risks- -and anyone around her is likely to get hurt as she apparently has a history of nutty behaviors.

The problem with this one is that it's hard to imagine ANYONE acting like Tina...anyone. Her behaviors are so convoluted and strange that it works against the episode.

By the way, this episode shows Kimble tossing a goldfish into a lake. NEVER do this, as goldfish tend to take over...destroying the native species and leaving a lake choked with goldfish.

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