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Wonderful movie, 15 June 2014

I had not seen this movie in a long time, and I saw it on television last night. It is an incredible story and very well done movie. I think Sandra Bullock is great in it, as is the rest of the cast. You really felt like you were watching the actual family while tuning into the movie thanks largely to Bullock's performance. While I was watching it this time, I searched around online to see how much of it is true and it is surprisingly accurate. Some of the subjects quibble with some of the details, but less than in most true stories. The family is all still very close today in fact, which put a smile on my face.

I just think the story is so fantastic and inspirational that it is worth everyone watching, children or adult. The story of how the family helped Oher and at the same time Oher united the entire family is touching to say the least.

Moneyball (2011)
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Wonderful movie, 4 October 2011

On recommendation from a friend, I recently saw Moneyball and thought the movie was quite great. The storyline is intriguing to say the least and though a lot of people already know the plot the movie made it come to life. The cast was great and specifically Jonah Hill, who usually does a great job in comedies, should get nominated for best supporting actor in it. It is nice to see him make a switch to a non-comedic role and I am sure this will greatly help his acting career.

This is one of those rare movies that everyone should like, whether they are sports fans or not. The story is so interesting that it could not have been made up and the original author of the book was well represented in the screenplay. I read some commentary that this might not be as big as The Blind Side overseas because a lot of people aren't in love with baseball, but I think this appeals to all people even if they are not a fan.

Overall, I think Sorkin did a wonderful job with the movie and picked a perfect cast-he has definitely been on a roll lately. Although I saw a matinée, I would have even liked it had I paid full price for my tickets. So, enjoy... :-)

Surprisingly entertaining, 23 March 2011

I caught this on one of the movie channels the other day and I have to tell you that I was very pleasantly surprised by the plot. It is a lighthearted comedy with a great mix of characters in the cast. The comedy is sometimes witty and sometimes slapstick, but what makes it enjoyable to watch is the main character is nothing if not likable. He is the classic fall guy the entire movie but does so with ease and ends up looking good throughout. Also, unlike a lot of comedies these days, this movie does not have long drawn out parts where it gets stale. The plot is decent vs most comedies of this ilk so it is a pleasurable movie to watch. Take a look if you want to watch something that will put you in a good mood.

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Awesome Movie, 23 March 2011

Although this movie came out a number of years ago, I think it is definitely underplayed relative to the quality of it. I hadn't seen Man on Fire in years until recently, and I have got to tell you that it is literally one of the better movies I have ever seen. I was shocked by the ratings this site gave the movie in relation to how great I thought the plot was. The acting is great as is the story line so I am not sure what people didn't like about it. It is definitely not a movie kids should watch, but any adult who hasn't seen this yet is doing themselves a great disservice. Even the ending is unpredictable and good, what more do you want?

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Love it!, 6 March 2011

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and thought it was just great. I should say upfront that I am a sucker for these inspirational, sports-themed, feel-good and true stories. Secretariat is that in spades. I knew of the horse but had not idea the story behind him was so interesting. The movie was done well for sure but I think the story really makes the movie. Although I am sure certain liberties were taken, the story is at least mostly true and the horse was amazing. Winning the triple crown is a feat obviously so you wouldn't think it would have happened by such an interesting horse and family. I think it is a great family film.