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Enjoyable !, 17 January 2005

I was pleased by the acting. Roy Dupuis did a really great job. Even if you saw one of the two character that he played (most of the movie) you could tell the difference between them. Lucie Laurier played a very interesting character. You can see the progression of her character during the movie. I loved Michel Muller even if I didn't understand half of what he was saying during the movie (French accent from Marseille). It's a good comedy for the whole family.

Some of the jokes are predictable but you'll get a good laugh anyways. Most of the things happened like a coincidence but, again, it's a comedy, not Napoleon's life !! I guess that if you like Quebec's filmmakers, you would like this one. I think if you liked La Florida you will enjoy that movie. I didn't saw the original one(1962) but I might try to rent it. It is worth seeing !

100 Girls (2000)
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All the stereotypes !!, 8 June 2003

I liked the movies. Every girl showned in there isn't perfect. They all have a little something (they look special (hair by exemple), they cheat on exams, only want to use guys, having bad habits, etc). The main caracther, Jonathan Tucker, got also stereotypes. I think by showing everything isn't perfect made the movie very good !

Very good one, 8 June 2003

I saw the movie a few months ago. Very good one. I really liked the sequences turned in slow motions (like when Tori tells her sister she's not lesbian and she start crying after that). All about how everyone see you. It's not the kind of movies a bunch of guys together would listen. I looked at it alone but really enjoyed it. I was raised near the filming location, it's cool !