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Mental (2012)
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Mental is sweet, hilarious, and powerful, 5 October 2012

If you liked Muriel's Wedding then you're probably gonna like Mental. This movie is made by the same people who made the most memorable Aussie movie tag line, "you're terrible Muriel", and is an emotional roller coaster from start to the beautiful end. I have to mention the soundtrack. It's just excellent and so suitable. You'll get what I mean when you watch the movie. The actresses and actors play their roles magnificently, the message from the movie is sweet, while also being powerful at the same time.

If you're mentally ill, know someone who's mentally ill, then this movie is especially for you. But don't worry, if you haven't got any experience regarding mental illness - you will still love this movie.

10/10 I enjoyed it from start to finish and I will go again.

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Thank you for this film, 2 July 2011

This film made me feel good. It was something different to all the mainstream movies you see these days, with all the overly done CGI crap. This movie was 'real'.

The film is set on an island in the Artic Ocean. The awe-inspiring scenery just took my breath away. From the bitterly cold looking Artic Ocean, to the enchanting mountains, it just made me feel like I was there. This movie was filmed using a Red SLR camera, and the pictures are just stunning. Some of the scenes look like a photo! This movie is in Russian and there are subtitles. The good thing here is that, although there is some good dialogue in this movie - there isn't much, so you aren't constantly looking down to read the subtitles (for those who don't speak Russian).

In the film there are the two main characters, Pasha and Gulybin. Pasha is the young, fresh looking guy and Gulybin is the hardened, experienced, older man. It felt like a father/son type relationship, although they are not related. Gulybin has been living on the island in the wild, extreme conditions for most of his life. An experienced geophysicist, Gulybin is set in his ways and Pasha, a young guy, is on the island to write an essay called "How I ended this Summer".

This film explores the relationship between Pasha and Gulybin, and the highs and lows that they experience toward each other living in a desolate land. Their relationship is tested and tempers arise giving you a look at the extremes of the human conditions living in such an isolated part of the world.

This movie is well worth a look.


Black Swan (2010)
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This movie is over-hyped rubbish: Don't waste your money., 12 February 2011

I've seen this movie and from the movie's website and trailer, I was expecting a great mind-bending, entertaining, put-you-in-a-zone movie. This movie is not mind-bending, it's FAR from entertaining, and it sure as hell did NOT put me in that nice movie "feel good zone".

Why isn't the movie mind-bending? The plot is flat, full of the tiresome same old clichés, and full of self obsessed characters. Nina Sayers, the main character played by Natalie Portman, is a laughable character all together. She is a twenty nine year old woman acting like a 13 year old (seriously it's that bad) spoilt teenager who lives at home with her Mom. It is appalling and totally unconvincing, leaving you squirm in your seat with discomfort and embarrassment for her character and the film.

Why isn't this movie entertaining? One example is this: they use tacky CGI and it takes away the "art" from "art house". For those unaware what CGI stands for, it is Computer Generated Imagery. When it is used appropriately it can suit some films. CGI doesn't go down well in this movie because it is not subtle enough; it's glaringly obvious. Black Swan advertises itself as sophisticated, and it's not: it's not deep and it doesn't stir anything inside. I absolutely love art house films because they offer a sense of richness, depth, and soul. Some art house films are that good that sometimes it is hard to find words to describe them, such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

So I was feeling great about seeing his film. The trailer was good but shame about the movie. One thing that really struck me was the Black Swan website. The website was so mysterious, and atmospheric, with its ambient music and all, but in the end what mattered was the film, and it failed the hype generated from the trailer and website. With Black Swan I did not go into a nice, comfortable, movie "feel good zone".

Most importantly I would also like to point something out. There are several reviews on here that have a high rating. I am seriously thinking movie makers are paying people to make false reviews to get people to spend money on their movies. Say they pay someone to review their movie and lie about it for $100 - that's nothing compared to the $13,000,000 they spent making the movie. Just remember that.

Lastly, I don't normally go out of my way to review movies, but this time it was personal. Movie tickets are an absolute rip off - and I was angry and I did not want anyone else to waste their money. This is not a movie to watch at a cinema.