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This is a list of movies I've seen that have an IMDb page. This list is in a completely random order.

These are the movies I've seen that don't have an IMDb page:
436. The Little Cars (2006), this is a short film about a car's journey to win a race.
797. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Sing-Along Songs And More! (2008), this is one of the many VeggieTales videos.
841. Fast Forward Future (1988), this is a short film that centers on three fictional kids who are being tempted by their friends into taking drugs, and they seek advice from a time machine in their school's library.
842. The Roller Coasters of Cedar Point (2004), this is a short educational/documentary feature about the roller coasters located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.
843. Cedar Point: A Summertime Tradition on Lake Erie (2004), this is another short educational/documentary feature about Cedar Point's history.
874. Innocence of Muslims (2012), this is a short film that caused widespread controversy in September 2012 for its portrayal of Islam.
1,147. Awake & Live (2013), although this may not be considered a movie, I'm still listing it. This is a behind-the-scenes/concert "movie" centered on Skillet and their WinterJam tour, as well as the making of their "Rise" album.
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These are the movies that I want my future children to grow up with. This list is in random order.
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All the silent films I've seen.