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"Louie" (2010)
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Far and away the funniest TV show I've ever seen, 5 April 2012

Louie has so many stand out memorable and down right funny moments its hard to think of any off hand (though the Ricky Gervais doctor character had me falling off my chair and crying with laughter and the Chris Rock cameo had me in stitches).

Safe to say sit back and be prepared to laugh til it hurts. This touching, personal, and incredibly open window into the life of a 40 year old divorcée living in New York is brutally honest and incredibly, so, so, incredibly FUNNY!

If you like your humor intelligent with more than a dose of pure unadulterated filth you'll love this show!

Meantime (1984) (TV)
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The stereotypical view of working class Britain to make the middle class feel better about themselves, 5 January 2011

I live in London and am very much working class.

I watched this film while shaking my head and wondering who watches this sort of dire stereotypical tripe.

Then it suddenly became clear during the scene where the nice, decent, middle class man from the council popped round to fix the windows. This man, in all his smug glory, put the world to rights before retreating so the main characters (all of whom were paper thin parodies of real life), could continue arguing, slamming doors, smoking, and generally being all working class for another hour or so before the film finished.

Dire. Absolutely no narrative with THE MOST ANNOYING AND IRRELEVANT SOUNDTRACK I've ever heard in a film.

I was left wondering who on Earth is this movie aimed at? And then I read several reviews on IMDb stating this is a post modern masterpiece, etc etc.

If you want to know about working class life in the 80's try the brilliant Made In Britain (also with Tim Roth), or the equally excellent TV series Boys From The Black Stuff. If you want to watch nearly two hours of patronising faux intellectualism passed off as cutting edge social commentary, Meantime is probably the film for you.

Dead Birds (2004)
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I had to register to make reviews to tell people how bad this film is, 3 January 2011

I've just finished watching this movie and now feel like I've woken from a terrible coma.

Truly dull.

Complete lack of tension and suspense. The only really horrific thing about this is that I won't get back the one and a half hours spent watching it to do something more interesting like the washing up.

The film apparently had a large budget (1.5 mil). Do not be fooled. This money must've been spent on the catering.


If you must see Dead Birds, go and find some at the side of the road. Watching these for the duration of this movie will give you infinitely more entertainment.