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Pollution in itself, 3 January 2011

A film so bad it has forced me to spend time creating an IMDb account to warn others about it.

Animals United should not require a lengthy review or synopsis to achieve this aim. Despite being a feature clearly made for under 12s, the film has a brutal environmental and political agenda of breathtaking ambition. This is presented with so little nuance or charm that, despite all the perfectly good arguments for ecological action, you somehow despise the animals who star.

The plot is paper thin, chaotic and occasionally plain nonsense. For instance, the plot insists environmental conferences achieve nothing but a conference of animals which tails off into a juvenile eulogy for a fantasy world somehow inspires the action required. Not even my three year old niece fell for that level of reasoning.

Worst of all, I watched the entire film and, despite sharing the immediate area of the cinema with around twelve children of various ages, can honestly say they did not even smile once, let alone laugh. It is devoid of any entertainment value. I think you get the point.

I wonder how the makers of this film can live with the amount of energy being wasted to give it distribution...