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This is a list of TV shows/movies that I have done background in. I will add to the list as more work becomes available to me.
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These are my favorite horror movies to date. I will add more as I go along.
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I will add more when I think of them.
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I have been working on a novel that is a soap opera kind of drama, and this list is a good idea of who I think would play the characters the best, and also the ones who come close to my idea of how the characters should look.
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I just compiled this list just for fun. I'm just listing people to play main characters. I would add in extras to play additional characters if I were to actually put together a real movie.
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In no particular order, my top movies. I'm sure there are others that I couldn't think of. I'll add to this list if I can remember any that I might have left out.
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These are the ladies that I consider beautiful.
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This is my brief listing of homely and talentless actresses. This is strictly my opinion, and no one has to agree or disagree one way or another. They also can't act; which makes me wonder how they managed to get into the Hollywood spotlight. It's definitely who you know, and not what you know in this field.
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