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Divines (2016)
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Money money money!, 16 December 2016

I watched "Divines" carefully. When you follow the story of the movie, a few questions are coming up and the most important one is What the movie was trying to say to audiences? Well, the movie is trying to point out that achieving money in any dirty deal cannot buy a good true friendship. That is what I speculated. Family and society have very important roles in educating children and forming their characters. We see Dounia who has different troubles in her life including her family. She dreams for having money to change her life and her mother's too. But the way she went through it was not right. By making wrong decisions, she lost her best friend. However, she did regular crime acts to favor herself. The movie has a few extra plots and scenes. Moreover, it doesn't show what happens after murdering the boss guy (I forgot his name) for stealing his money from his home.If the story could be going on, then Dounia had to be arrested by police. However, this could be shown in the movie instead of extra dancing scenes!

In addition to the explanations stated above, the action of players was OK, specially Oulaya Amamra as Dounia. Sound, make up and music were fine. All in all, I was expecting a better movie. My big problem about this movie is its story. I know people who read my review may not be find it useful because I criticized it from the point of my view in a way they disagree. My rate is 5/10.

Loving (2016)
A true love story, 13 December 2016

Nowadays, making good movies is very competitive. However, making a nice movie may not necessarily need a very high budget. "Loving", a low budget movie, tells the true story of Richard Loving and her wife, Mildred, who got interracial married despite on the fact it was not ruled out at that time and it was a sort of crime. But their case went to the supreme court and won. In this movie, we see love and patience, the factors required for passing challenges in our married life. The story and screen play were well done. Directing and acting were fine particularly the role of Ruth Negga as Mildred. She shined at her role greatly. I really enjoyed the movie. It is not a boring movie but a conceptual drama one. I suggest you to watch it. My rate for this movie is 8/10.

Elle (2016/I)
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Good but not perfect!, 12 December 2016

Elle is a movie with a combination of sex and violence. A movie about a raped woman (Michele) who finally came to know her raper is her neighbor (Patrick). I wouldn't describe the story here but I found it an intermediate movie. It was very long and slow. I mean for that story, 2h 10min was long. I think the screenplay and story could be written much better than that. However, The story had a couple of layers since it was a psycho-thriller movie and it was difficult to find out who the raper can be until the middle of the movie. As a leading role actress, Isabelle Huppert played it well but she was not perfect to be nominated for 74th Golden Globes. She didn't have a full sense of acting. I didn't expect that "Elle" be nominated as best foreign language movie. I got surprised. It was a little bit far from it. In my opinion its unfair that this movie be awarded. My rating would be 5/10.

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Not enough horrific & thriller!, 3 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a big fan of horror films who has already watched more than 700 horror movies, I would say that this work was not good enough. I tell you why!

The movie was a story about a family; a couple with their little child. The husband was a priest who underwent possession. He thought to be bound to god and was commanded to sacrifice his kid for the god's sake as Abraham did. However, he was possessed by evil. His problem couldn't be solved by psychologist and exorcism until the end of the film.

As I realized. this movie was the first long film direction by Gus Krieger. I understand it was a cheap product but the story was not powerful and it didn't scare me at all. The movie did not have enough factors to thrill anybody. The movie, in fact, lack appropriate horrific music and characters. Josh Heisler, as the husband, was not a perfect option for this role and his action was weak and even Amy Gumenick as Sarah. It was better they could use a scary makeup for the husband. To this end, I gave 3/10. might be seen for only once but not definitely more!

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An intermediate movie, 11 August 2013

I read some reviews here after watching the movie. I have watched a lot of horror movies since I am a big fan of the genre. To me, this movie was not scary except last minutes but it might be very interesting for someone else and the reason is that the acceptance of a horror movie is concerned with audiences in different way. Some people enjoy horror movies based on ghosts and haunting houses, some others may prefer slasher ones and some ones like all sub-genres of horror movies. This movie is about a newly purchased house by a couple with their new born baby who move there and have insomnia. Very soon some strange things happen and a chilling lady is seen by them. In my opinion, the film was directed not bad but the written story was not enough good. Paul Soter wrote the story and directed the film as well. I previously saw his other written and directed movie,"Watching the Detective (2007)" and I think that one was a better work as a comedy-romantic movie but this movie lacks very effective shocking elements. First of all that ghost- form lady was not terrible and creepy. Second, killing of the ghost- form lady was funny if you think she was just a homeless woman looking for a baby or revenge not a ghost! Third, 3 persons (Nancy, Micheal, and the creepy lady) were killed in that house at the end and the couple (Alex and Penny) were sitting in an ambulance after the arrival of rescue forces but who the hell didn't suspect to them as murderer(s)?! Apart of these problems, the movie had relatively good filming and acting. My rating to this film was 5 out of 10. Watching this movie is up to you I don't recommend you to see or not to see it but of course not worth for second time!