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The Punisher (2017– )
Wow, so unexpected
28 November 2017
I wasn't expecting much from this latest Netflix Marvel outing. All the outer heroes from this MUhad plot twists just to add on more episodes. Not the punisher, all story threads come together in the end and then it takes it time to finish the story. No strange twists or last minute escapes. The violence is ultra, Franks recuperation near imposibble. Those are the only downsides. The fatigue after a fight is real, so is the intimacy (yes, Americans might call it s.e.x.). I wasn't expeting the social critique with the veterans storyline but it adds to the depth of the story. There is a lot of moaning about the DC movies at the moment but everybody seems to forget the mediocre 'Defenders' and weak 'Iron Fist'. 'The Punisher' is the first Netflix Marvel I binged and so much better as the other stories.
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Wow, wow, wowwie wow, and don't believe the critics
31 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I've been looking forward to this movie. Ravian/Valerian is a comic i read when i was young and the movie brought back images from the books. The movie is so international, the desertscene reminds you of Mad Max, the market is like the cityscene from the Fifth element, dito for the tourguide. The underwaterscne is from one of the Star Wars, The battlerobots are from Battlestar Galactica. This may sound that Besson has no ideas of himself. A quick search in Youtube will show you that Valerian was there before Star Wars, Bsg etc.

Then the movie itself. Strong opening with Bowie's Major Tom but from here it takes sometime for the story to pick up, not that you notice. There is so much happening , the 3D is excellent. It rolls along and even the ending takes its time. If you compare it to the last Star Wars there is much more room for telling the story, for working out the plot line, including the flashbacks.

As you will have noticed i loved it. It's sceince fiction with fantastic twists, visually an assault on the eyes and mind but never ovr the top, never trying to be funny with one- liners like the current Marvel movies. Go see it and judge for your self
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Suicide Squad (2016)
Comics are not (allways) for kids
17 September 2016
And 'Suicide squad' proves it. The trouble I have with most of the Marvel movies and certainly most of the DC TV-series is that they are all made with the 12 to 16 year old's in mind. The last Batman's, Man of steel and Suicide squad all have a grittiness I like. Deadpool could have been a great movie. But the constant joking (i know, it's also in the comics)took the fun out of it. The only memorable part was when he took it up the Khyber. The TV-shows Arrow and Flash are kiddie-shows just a tiny bit less camp than the 1966 Batman-series. Avengers are to flashy. It took 15 years to rebuild the WTC, after the battle of New York (Avengers), the next movie (which one was that? Can't remember) is cruising around NYC like nothing happened But suicide squad is different. OK, you have one-liners and the camaraderie in the end. But only Harley Quinn is the comic relief and you don't get the feeling that in the morning after the ........ all is well. So, was it bad? NO!!!!!! could it be better? Sure, but don't ask me were.
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&Me (2013)
European cinema at it's best
17 March 2013
You've got Dutch film, French-, British, German, Portugeuse etc. But what is a European film? To me &ME is a good example. Actors and actresses from different countries, at least two or three different languages and and sometimes don't bother with the subtitles.

&ME has all that, besides a bizarre plot(or no plot), sometimes weird acting and a story (is there one?) you can write on a napkin. But if you sit back and enjoy the movie, don't wonder to much about the friendship you see unfolding, or the bizarre workings of the EU-council you'll have a good time.

It's a small movie about a love story that takes some weird twists. There is some nudity in it, but not something us Main-land-Europeans worry about. And because it's a small movie you'll forgive it it's fault.
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What a good kids-movie is all about
4 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Dolfje Weerwolfje is based on the first book of the immensely popular Dolfje Weerwolfje-series. The story is about an adopted boy who becomes a werewolf on his 7th birthday. Only for 3 days during full moon and only during the night. In the movie he has to deal with the transformations, the good parts and the bad parts of it. In the end it all turn out for the best after he meets his granddad, his adoptive parents do really love him and his brother is the best in the world.

It's a small movie with real emotions and a complete lack of CGI or animation (well, not that you notice) which in the avalanche of Shrek spinnofs, Pixar and others is a breath of fresh air.
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Zen (2011– )
Love it
10 January 2011
Wow, a treat for the eye and brain. Beautiful locations, la bella figura, good soundtrack, a 70-ish leader and colors that remind of The American (the one with Clooney's buttocks). Full of not obvious clichés as the mama and the 'damn-the-rules' driving.

Rufus Sewell plays Aurelio Zen with an understated coolness that is nearly Bond-like. Although uncorrectable there is always a twist in the end. The suits are sharp, one hand never leaves his pocket and he strikes a pose when entering a room. Not when there are women in the room who he has to zip up, then he is the fumbling schoolboy. Caterina Murino as Tania Moretti, the office secretary all the men drool about, has a nearly chique appearance. But, the cleavages are to low, the skirts to tight and the top button with to much tension.

The comparison between Kenneth Brannaugh's Wallander end Sewell's Zen is has to be made. Both play a foreign detective in the original setting. But in Wallander they cut back on the office lightning to create suspense and a gloomy, Swedish atmosphere. In Zen everything is vibrating with sunlight and warmth.

Love it, we want more, we want more.
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