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This list consists of all of my favourite Sci-fi movies that i have seen. The list is in alphabetical order and it is still under construction.
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These are all my ultimate best horror movies that i have seen from the year 2000. The list is in chronological order and listed in alphabetical order.

I have included gory horror, supernatural horror, psychological horror, horror drama, horror thrillers, fantasy horror and foreign horror.

I have had a change of heart and included horror comedies because they do have some great horror moments and have played a big part in the horror genre.
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This list consists of my top 100 horror movies from the year 2000 to 2014. I have included most sub-genres in the horror genre, such as foreign, gory, supernatural, comedy and thriller.
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As the world goes Zombie crazy once more with the release of Brad Pitt's World War Z, I decided to create this list of my top 30 zombie films that I have seen over the years of being a horror fan. The traditional zombie is a reanimated corpse that is slow moving but very aggressive, which can be best seen in George A Romero's Living Dead Trilogy. But as the the horror genre evolved so did the zombies, giving rise to fast zombies. The fast zombies are more like living infected and don't follow the traditional zombie traits, but they are still zombies, best seen in 28 Days Later and REC. Any recommendations are welcomed.
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This list is my 100 greatest horror movies that I have seen. I have included horror movies from all decades and most sub genres. I hope you like it.
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Animation movies are some of the most memorable and brilliant movies ever made, and I have always had a soft spot for these type of films. These are the 30 best animation films in my opinion, that I have seen over the years. I still have plenty to watch and when I have this list will be updated. If anyone has any recommendations, please leave a comment.