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As we all know, many films have songs or miscellaneous pieces included along with the original score, and some may detract from it or add to it - Apocalypse Now is one example. Of course some films - like many of Kubrick's (i.e. 2001, Barry Lyndon) - don't have a commissioned score as such, but use a selection of existing works. It's well known that Kubrick was in the habit of playing records while directing or setting up a scene. Obviously my list is drawing on both approaches.

I assess scores not just by the music itself, but also by the placing of the music - or the use thereof. 2001 is a good example, I don't care much for Strauss waltzes, but Kubrick has used the Blue Danube so ingeniously to illustrate in somewhat ironic and even sardonic terms the corresponding image. So music, within a certain context, can be transformed or appreciated on another level. Anyway some just have damn good music!

Films are selected on the music - or the effectiveness of the music, not on the quality of the film (though there's only about two I would describe as "bad films" here). Descriptions include composer and/or band names.

For those not familiar with IMDb, the ratings out of 10 (in gold) are not mine, they are the averages fed out of the IMDb machine. The ones in dark blue are mine.
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Some of the best shows, some memorable ones, and some old favourites.
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Some are indisputable masterpieces, others are flawed but ingenious, others are visions of a time and are emblematic of an era, others are extremely flawed but possess some germ of ideas that inspire (or leave one dazed and confused), and still others are just intergalactic entertainments or imaginative diversions.
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Essential viewing.