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just great, 11 June 2007

Great performance, great singers, great music. What more do you need? There are no dialogs on this film, just music. All performances are obviously lip sync but they don't seem so. Ted Neeley as Jesus has an incredible and powerful voice. Carl Anderson as Judas is also great. I'm sure thousands of people are waiting for a better DVD edition than the ones we have. What if they put some old footage like interviews, making of, deleted scenes, etc? As a curiosity, the music is slightly different from the CD. It looks the same recording but it's not. You can hear some little differences. Make no mistake: this is the real JCS. There are other JCS but this Ted Neeley IS definitely JCS.

"Crossbow" (1987)
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Adventures of WT and Crossbow, 4 September 2006

Hello I am surprised to see there are a TV movie and a TV series. The first one (Adventures of William Tell) is a TV movie from 1986. Then we have the TV series known as Crossbow (1987-1989). It's very rare not to see Tell and Gessler on the credits in Crossbow. Nor Horst. But they were there. Will Lyman as William Tell and Jeremy Clyde as Gov. Hermann Gessler were two great characters, two great actors.

I saw the TV series in Barcelona some years ago. I remember it was a great series. I don't remember a "end" for the series. Last episodes were very dark and confusing. I'm almost sure there was no last episode showing Gessler's death. More comments, please!

My Friends (1975)
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excellent movie, 3 May 2005

Hello from Barcelona again This movie is very good. Actors play an excellent role. Ugo Tognazzi and Philippe Noiret are the best ones. Italian humor is present all the movie. I can't explain with the correct words how good is this movie. I have it in Catalan, my language. The 2nd part is very good but I think the best is the 1st one. Guido Necchi (played by Duilio del Prete) didn't act in the 2nd part. We have Renzo Montagnani who plays a good job but not better than Duilio del Prete. You can see Rambaldo Melandri (Gastone Moschin) in The godfather part 2. He is the old man dressed in white suit who Robert DeNiro shoot with a gun while there is the crowd in the street. Adolfo Celi does an excellent role too, very funny. Also in the 2n part. There is a 3rd part with Ugo Tognazzi, Renzo Montagnani, Adolfo Celi and Gastone Moschin. Philippe Noiret wasn't here (only in 1st and 2nd part). This 3rd part is not so good but it is interesting anyway. We can see Bernard Blier again, who did the role of Niccolo Righi in the first part, the old man who in the first moment believes sugar is drug... You can find the three parts in Internet, in Emule (look for Amici miei). The sound is Italian and very interesting. The 1st part longs around 20 minutes more than the first edition of the film, and shows very funny scenes with the 5 men and Niccolo Righi. There is a pack with the trilogy in DVD in Italy. And I think it should be a 4th disc with deleted scenes, interviews and more. But I think there were some problems and now it is hard to find it. Finally you can enjoy watching Ugo Tognazzi and Philippe Noiret together in the Marco Ferreri film La grande bouffe. I hope there is someday a DVD with English subtitles for all of you. Enjoy! Joan Barcelona

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Great movie, 5 June 2003

Hello from Barcelona. Yes, this is a great movie. The smurfs don't appear until minute 35 or so but never mind. Johan and Pewee characters are lovely and we know they will meet smurfs later so never mind. The film is 74 minutes long, not 89. Michel Legrand songs are really beautiful and brilliant. All children will love this film and many not so children... Smurfs are drawn much better than the terrific Hanna-Barbera cartoon shows. Here they are just smurfs as they must be, not some kind of bad project bad drown and with no gracefulness. We see Peyo WAS in this movie. If you know the book of this film then you must watch this it. I wonder why it doesn't exist on DVD. There are some smurfs official DVD's in France but this movie is not available yet and I don't understand why if this is the only smurf film ever. I think you can find it in USA, UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands, but always in VHS format. In some countries it is long deleted since lots of years ago but easy to find in eBAY for example. It's nearly impossible to find in Spain 'cause it was only for rent. In Catalonia there are the catalan version which is just adorable. So...we want this movie on DVD today!! And you must watch it right now!! Joan from Barcelona