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Standouts at time of viewing. May or may not hold out now. ... in no particular order
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The talent behind the camera. These people have been creatively involved with some favorite films and / or television.
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Some of the best stand-up comedians and other funny people
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My favorite character driven crime-thriller-comedies.
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Excellent TV that did not make it beyond 1 season
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tv of interest premiering in the fall 2016 and winter 2017 seasons
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Some of the best television to make season 3
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Film and TV that is inventive, creative, unusual, wacky
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tv of interest premiering for the fall 2017 and winter 2018 season
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Parties, jokes, pranks, adventures etc that went bad
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Novels from one of my favorite authors that have been the basis for film, mini-series and television. Some have remained somewhat true to the book while others not as much. As with many novels, tough to do it justice in 2 hours. The mini-series had more time to work with.
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Favorite authors, or authors of a favorite book made to films, mini-series, television etc. This list is not an endorsement of the video version. In many cases, the video does not, and often cannot in the limited amount of time afforded, do the book justice. I have included those that have had works proposed, rights sold or those I would like to see.
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Thanks famous actors ... we the lowly public would be lost without your insight.
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I am typically a fan of of reality shows but...
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Non-U.S. TV & film that I already enjoy or would like to check out.
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films, tv episodes etc with containing sexy scenes
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Some of the best television to survive into season 2
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TV canceled well before it's time. For the most part this will be 2 seasons or the equivalent with the occasional exception for a show that was establishing a path to TV Hall of Fame.
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Excellent television that was never quite given its due. Each should have had a longer run.