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Goodish, 16 March 2011

I say this with just about every actor, but I love Matt Damon! I wouldn't consider myself an Emily Blunt "fan" but I have nothing against her. Matt Damon is a politician that sees the "Adjustment Bureau" and falls in love with Emily Blunt, but is never supposed to ever see her again I went into this movie thinking it would be a high action,edge of your seat, thriller. I was wrong. I would say the movie is 75% romance and 25% action/thriller, so I think that kind of disappointed me. I have nothing against romance movies, but I was just a bit let down by this one. Another problem I had with The Adjustment Bureau was that a lot of the dialogue was cheesy , for example, "I need you to trust me." Although, I wasn't too big of a fan of The Adjustment Bureau the acting was great from every actor and the effects were very well done. If you did not know 2011 set the record for the most sequels ever, with 27 sequels, so it was great to see an original storyline . Final Summary: A romantic thriller that could use some work. I went into this movie with very high expectations and was unfortunately let down . The Adjustment Bureau is not bad, but unfortunately not too good either.

Rango (2011)
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Great Animated Film!, 8 March 2011

I'm a huge fan of Johnny Depp and all his movies, and Rango is not an acception. With that being said Rango was very slow and boring for the first 50% of the movie, but it really starts to build and get really good at the end! The storyline is not too original, but it is the western setting that made it stand out ! It goes as one of the best looking animated movies I have ever seen along with How to Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3! If you haven't seen the way Gore Verbinski animated this movie watch THIS because it really is the reason the visuals are so fantastic ! The voice acting is great from every actor! I loved seeing the voice of Ned Beatty used, he voiced Lotso in Toy Story 3, and he voices the mayor in Rango. As I said the storyline is not very original, but it's the setting that really makes the movie great! After seeing How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, and now Rango I look forward to animated movies in the future! Final Summary: An animated movie with some of the best voice acting and visuals that you have ever seen!: Keep in mind that Rango has a slow first half but really gets good towards the 2nd half. Rango is definitely one of the best animated movies you'll ever see!

Good except for the annoying voice, 22 February 2011

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I liked this short film! It was funny, cute, and well done just like the full length movie. However, the one thing that annoyed me in this one and annoyed me in the other is I CAN'T STAND THE VOICE OF THE BIG DOG! It's kind of funny for the first few times you hear it but it starts to get annoying! It's like internet sensation Fred, he's funny the first few videos you watch but after a while he starts to get annoying. It was nice to see a different story about Dug because he was my 2nd favorite character, after Russell (Jordan Nagai). It was kind of sad for a 5 minute short film. ***SPOILERS START NOW*** My favorite part is when he sit in the hole and he starts falling through the hole and lands on his "pack". I also like no matter how hard Dug tries to be good and not mess things up he always manages to. SQUIRREL, was used in this short once which I find hilarious!***Spoilers End Now*** Overall another job well done by Pixar!

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Good, for 11 minutes, 21 February 2011

WARNING YOU MUST WATCH THE FULL LENGTH MOVIE BEFORE WATCHING THIS SHORT!!! Let me start off by saying I'M A HUGE FAN OF THE FULL LENGTH MOVIE!!! I was so excited to see a short film. The movie started out good just like the original but then when Gobber (Craig Ferguson) starts telling his stories it turns into this crappy cartoon, that looks like the Garfield cartoon. It spends 5 minutes of it in this cartoon. The cartoon's were funny but it should have been done just like the other 11 minutes of it! It was funny especially Fishlegs, he's so nerdy and voices his character perfectly! The dragon looked really good! But, this movie still had some cheesy factors that the original did not have. This short was good I just expected more out of it because the original was so good. But, it wasn't a waste of sixteen minutes.

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Another Adam Sandler Comedy, 13 February 2011

When I say "another Adam Sandler comedy" that is a very good thing. Just Go with It stars Adam Sandler and Jenifer Aniston. The main setting is Beverly Hills, California and Hawaii. I won't spoil it but it's hilarious how they get to Hawaii. The two kids (Griffin Gluck and Bailee Madison) are absolutely the two funniest characters in the movie. Brooklyn Decker is really hot, especially in this movie. I could go on and on about how funny the acting is but I think you get the point . Basically this movie is everything a comedy should be, a interesting yet soft story line, and of course it's FUNNY! Final Summary: A hilarious Romantic Coemdy featuring actors of all ages at their funniest. Defiantly the best comedy currently in theaters, so if your not looking for anything heavy this is the movie to go see.

Sanctum (2011)
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Traumitizing, 5 February 2011

Well first of all let me get something straight James Cameron is one of NINE producers, so he didn't have too much to do with it. This movie is maybe the must traumatizing movie I have ever seen! I did cry at one point. I'm not a 3D fan at all. In my opinion the only movies that should be in 3D is animated movies (with a few exceptions such as Avatar). I thought the 3D was okay (better than some movies I've seen), but still unnecessary. This movie was not just traumatizing at one point it was traumatizing during the whole movie! The visuals were fantastic! The effects were great! The acting was exceptional! I liked the movie I guess it was just too traumatizing for me. Final Summary: A good movie with great visuals, effects, and acting, but be warned the Sanctum is extremely traumatizing. If you can handle trauma go see Sanctum because it is a good movie.

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Great Action Comedy, 19 January 2011

If I had to describe this movie in one word it would be HILARIOUS. I don't think I went 2 minutes without laughing. The movie would have sucked if Kato (Jay Chou) wasn't in it. I don't know it was getting so poorly criticized I thought the movie was great. However, the 3D was unnecessary. If you saw Shrek Forever After it was like that 3D the characters were kind of pooping out but nothing else. This is not the same 3D as How to Train Your Dragon (which was what I call REAL 3D). As for Seth Rogen's performance it was good but I think could have been played by any comedy actor. Cameron Diaz and Christopher Waltz were great! The effects were great and the cars looked really cool. Don't listen to the poor reviews (most of those are Seth Rogen haters). Go see The Green Hornet in 2D (or 3D but you won't be impressed) you are guaranteed to laugh.

"The Cape" (2011)
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Pretty Good (After 3 Episodes), 17 January 2011

I'm not a fan of comics or superheroes at all. However, I really like well made Batman things. I don't watch NBC too often so I didn't see any advertising for this. I was lucky to stumble upon it when I was chatting with a guy and his cousin (Eric Micheal Cole) is going to be in the episode "Scales on a Train" on January 24th. So, I watched the premiere and was pleasantly surprised. However, you have to be paying attention during this TV show because it moves very fast and has no unnecessary scenes. Some of the dialog can be very cheesy which gets really annoying. I love the creative idea of The Carnival of Crime and it adds a whole new element to the story. This is something that you'll have to watch from the start so you know why he has the cape and how he got the cape. Fortunately, the "Pilot" is available as a free download on iTunes. You don't have to like superheroes/comics to like this. Not everybody will enjoy this series but it has loads of potential. Just try to ignore the cheesy dialog and this series can be very enjoyable.

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Good but Nothing Special, 17 January 2011

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This movie is based on the ANCIENT book published in 1726! The movie stars Jack Black who I think does a very convincing job as a guy that will never leave the mailroom. This movie was good but I left the movie theatre and I wasn't thinking about it 15 minutes later. When I saw Avatar I was thinking about it an hour later! I think Jack Black did a good job but I was checking my watch to see how much longer was left. The comedy in the movie made it bearable. Like when he pees on the fire made me laugh. Jason Segel and Emily Blunt did a very good job at their roles (especially Jason Segel). As for Amanda Peet she didn't bring much to the role. I'm not at all against Amanda Peet and I really liked her 2012. But, for somebody that Jack Black finds hot I would have done Megan Fox or somebody like that because she really didn't bring anything to the role. I liked the detail in certain parts like when Guliver has another New York City built after him and one of the billboards says GPAD (Like The Guliver iPad). My favorite part was when Guliver has a theatre created after him and it shows his life stories and one of the stories is the "Titanic" and he plays "Jack Dawson" and the one guys questions how he dies and is now alive and Guliver says he came back to life (but he says it the way that Jack Black would).