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"Lost" (2004)
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Simply brilliant, 3 April 2012

OK I don't even know where to begin. When I started to watch this in 2004 I couldn't keep focused on it and after about 3 episodes I stopped watching it. However, in 2010 I was extremely bored and had a sudden urge to watch it. So I borrowed the box set and completed it in little over 2 months. I can honestly say I have never seen anything so brilliant in every single way. There is piles of emotion, action and there is no word in the English dictionary that can describe the amazingly complex story line. When I finished watching it I longed for more because it was more of a way of life than a TV series. If you have any sense you will not hesitate and watch it. Im not going to give anything away storyline wise but all you need to know is that they WERE NOT DEAD ALL ALONG! :) enjoy.

Gears of War 3 (2011) (VG)
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absolute rubbish!, 31 January 2012

Load of buggy nonsense don't waste your time with it...its a complete shambles compared to the others and needs a massive overhaul campaign ends rather disappointingly, online is a buggy, laggy waste of time and is certainly not worth a fiver let alone 30 quid. I feel let down and shocked by how crap this game is unless they fix it by the end of the month which they wont because epic do not listen to online gamers or monitor multiplayer gameplay. For this reason you would be foolish to but this game. Want to shoot but nothing happens, want to play a game where you lag so other people shoot you before their servers can register and shots, want to slaughtered by people who play this game non stop? well buy this awful game today :)

Goon (2011)
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Expectedly underrated, 21 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In a very short summary, this has got to be the best tongue in cheek comedy for a very long time because its not all about a dumb hockey player there is heart in there, ambition and best of all, love. Cheesy I know, tell me about it. As a non spoiler synopsis, the movie is about a family outcast, Doug 'goon' Glatt who is superb with his fists and is recruited to play hockey but only to be on ice fist. His soon to be ex hero, Ross Rhea is also good with his fists and a is a famous on pitch trouble maker. The film follows Doug through many games with plenty of punch throwing intertwined and also inevitably leads to a head to battle between Rhea and Glatt. In the end this is a massively underestimated movie and deserves more to be honest. Watch it you will not be disappointed.

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simply BRILLIANT!, 18 September 2011

I saw the trailer for the film in august and immediately wanted to see it. After waiting 18 days for the film i went to see it and i have to say...i wasn't disappointed in the slightest. It wasn't what i thought it was going to be at all but none the less a brilliant spectacle. We start withe a meeting between the boys where control fire himself and smiley we then pan to the minister who explains to smiley that there is a mole at the top of the "circus". Throughout the film mystery, murder, lust and torture pursue. I wont give anything away but the film does have a brilliant ending which includes an appropriate song ;) and all your questions will be answered...enjoy.

Inception (2010)
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mind blowing and brilliant, 28 December 2010

Ever since i started loving movies, i have been searching for my favorite and for a long time it was the good the bad and the ugly but this beat it 10 fold. When i started to get into it, i realised just how brilliantly put the together it was and how amazing the story line was. It was written by someone who has a broad spectrum for a mind and someone who does not just see the world for what it is but also sees it for its potential is. The film was the only one i have ever watched that had me on the edge of my seat for the entire film. The cliffhanger at the end was brilliant and i actually screamed when it left it open for discussion. Thanks for the great film and i hope it will remain the best film i have ever seen.