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fresh!, 22 April 2011

"Fight for you right revisited" is a tongue-in-cheek look on the Beastie Boys' beginning. The story starts at the end of the '86 "Fight for your right" video, where they destroyed an apartment during a party and ends in a dance battle against a future version of themselves.

Of course, the whole thing is silly as hell but hey, what did you expect? There are numerous cameos including Susan Sarandon, Steve Buscemi and a few uncredited ones (are you able to spot Orlando Bloom)? Even the real Beastie Boys make an appearance.

To me this movie shows that the Beastie Boys are not afraid to showing where they come from (on a sidenote: They haven't played their biggest hit "fight for your right to party" since the 90s). They show us how silly they were back then. Congrats to them for inviting us to laugh with them!

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lacks human decency, 28 December 2010

The movie starts by slowly introducing retired porn star Milos and his family (wife and son, jealous brother). A director called Vukmir offers Milos a large sum of money to star in a film. Milos decides to get involved in the project without knowing what the movies is going to be about. Unsurprisingly, the project is of the worst kind and involves child rape and necrophilia.

I will not give any more details, but let me get this straight: Everybody who thinks that this movie contains some kind of political/social commentary on the state of Serbia today obviously has serious issues. This movie was shot to shock the audience, nothing more and nothing less. It contains scenes that lack any human decency. I have no problems with horror movies that go to extremes, but the director on this one definitely crossed the line.