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This is a list of my favorite male actors. These guys are as good-looking as they are talented. Some maybe more talented than good-looking, but they are all equal favorites of mine. From old-schoolers to newbies, both on the big screen and t.v. These fellas are the reason why i'm addicted to Hollywood.
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Movies for MEN who like movies. Ok these aren't exactly all "manly man" movies, but these flix have moved, inspired, and thrilled the guy in me. So if you find yourself quoting Die Hard or crying at the end of Field of Dreams then this is the list for you.
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Dust off that cowboy hat, slip on those boots and jump in the truck; we're going boot scootin'. These are my favorite western, southern and country movies. They'll make you laugh, cry and possibly leave you with a southern drawl.
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Whether you’re in the mood for something "fun and innocent", a "campy parody” or something that makes you say “it’s only a movie”, here’s a list of my favorite horror flicks! You'll laugh, scream, jump and possibly put your feet up on the couch. Celebrating Halloween 365 days of the year!