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Reckless (1995)
Surreal & Dark Allegory -- Highly Recommended for Thinking Adults, 25 December 2010

I saw this film on Christmas Day in 2001 on PBS. Nine years to the day later it's still as vivid in my memory. After seeing it, as the credits started to roll, so did the tears down my face.

It surprises me that I never heard of this film when it came out as it's artistically a gem of a film. The acting is superb of very high caliber. It's got a twisted story in more ways than one, extremely compelling for those that appreciate a complex, tightly woven plot line.

If you have ever been betrayed by someone near/dear, this story will reach in on a visceral level and pull you in.

The overall message is powerful. It comes full circle from the extreme vulnerability to empowerment as it underscores the moral qualities and staying true to one's core values even in the face of overwhelming adversities.

My nephew is going through some hard times, I wish he could see this film today....

Merry Christmas!