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Lovesick (2014/I)
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Crazy quirky fun!, 8 February 2015

Movie goers don't often have the opportunity to analyze and experience what being in love is truly like; the entertainment industry folks create this grand, pretty picture however, being in love is actually a torturous process! LOVESICK is an accurate and funny journey. We actually can relate to the lunacy of wanting someone so badly that we appear manic. I'm rather disappointed that fans have so implement a lengthy search for quality programming. I hope to see more of this. Especially enjoyable were character actors, travel imagery and over the top dialogue. Additionally there were the random cuts which added to the fun. And also (don't start a sentence with "and"), musical score is marvelous. Thank you Lovesick, I will watch again. I hope to find the DVD on Amazon. YES, I'm still watching DVDs.

Born Bad (2011) (V)
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Trainwreck!, 14 January 2012

"Born Bad" very apt name for this foul piece of work. However, I'm bumping UP my rating to a generous 3 out of 10 stars, due to the fact that I can't turn away from it! Somehow, the rice-paper thin plot, acting skills that don't even rival the likes of adult film stars, and a leading man who is far from credible are not enough to send me running for the remote and stop this madness from polluting my living room. Fortunately, trailers were included for other films generated from the same studio; arming the consumer with information needed to avoid the rest of their work like the Plague (the theme of another Asylum film, of course). Perhaps I'm actually enjoying how bad Born Bad is; after all I only paid $1 for it at Redbox, and you get what you pay for. See you again soon Born Bad, in Wal*mart's $5 DVD bin.