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Starts well, goes downhill from there, 21 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This showed promise, encouraged by some positive reviews, a decent line up and a reasonable rating I decided to give it a go.

It started well enough, the initial background was sort of OK, the plot looked like it could be interesting. The first half an hour or so had an intelligent approach, was filled with humor, but from the half way mark it rapidly went downhill.

The last half hour was hugely disappointing, the finish was, frankly dire, and seemed rushed. A twist at the end was anything but surprising, seriously, it was almost as if the writers wrote the screenplay, the film was completed and somebody suddenly thought "we need a twist" and bodged together the quickest twist that they could. The characters were barely developed, a romantic liaison that frankly was ridiculous and totally unexplored. Totally forgettable.

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On the whole, shockingly bad, 6 September 2013

I've made it to episode 10, and I still just cant make my mind up on this. The premise is good, it has the potential, if scripted well, directed well, with strong actors to turn into a highly entertaining and interesting series. Unfortunately so far its failed on all counts. They are cut off from civilisation by a dome, great, but that gives opportunity to explore the characters, look at how they cope under these circumstances, but after ten episodes we know next to nothing of the characters. They seem to have completely forgotten about their family members trapped outside the dome, new characters pop up at random from where I don't know, hell they've all been trapped for weeks, where are we finding new people from. What makes it worse is the acting. Two in particular stand out. Junior is thorough unlikable, and badly acted, I've been wanting him dead since episode one, and Colin Ford as Joe, the kid considering he has such a key part in the series is totally unconvincing. Britt Robertson is probably one of the better young actors but she really needs to talk to her agent about the shoddy roles he's getting her. The secret circle was scrapped after one season, and Im frankly amazed that Under the Dome has been renewed for a second.

Pusher (2012/I)
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Fails to deliver, 11 November 2012

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Rarely have I got to a film feeling so little about it. I don't hate it, I don't love it, I'm just completely and utterly indifferent to the 90 minutes of droning nothingness.

I haven't seen the original so I cant compare, but the plot is incredibly thin, just an endless chain of events, that follow on from each other with no particular cohesion. An ending that leaves you feeling frankly conned, and some situations that even in the realms of the movie word are unbelievable.

The worst part is the complete lack of exploration of the characters and events. Despite the small cast you come out feeling you know very little about the characters, and equally you care very little for any of the characters. There are no real good guys, no bad guys, just a whole bunch of indifference. Too much is not explored, where did the police come from and why? How is it possible that no word got out that he had been arrested, leading to the belief that he had ripped off the bad guys in some way.

The film ended with you feeling that there was so much more that could have been explored, so much more that you could have been told about the characters, the locations and the events. The trouble is, I came out feeling that I didn't really care enough anyway to even want to know more.

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Great CGI do not a good film make., 13 October 2011

To see reviewers say "the most emotional planet of the apes film" or "a masterpiece" makes me wonder if they have seen a different film to me.

Firstly, I must admit, I am a huge fan of the original films, when I say original, i do not mean the Tim Burton catastrophe of 2001, but he original series of films.

What those films had and what set the apes franchise apart, was strong scripts, extensive plots, social messages, and plenty of twists. Rise of planet of the apes, sadly has none of those.

The storyline, is basic at best, for the first half an hour it felt like a Disney movie, as they explained the blatantly obvious to the viewers. They almost completely fail to explore the characters, James Franco's relationship with Pinto, his relationship with his father, even his relationship with Cesar seem barely explored. Jacobs seems to flit from bad guy to good guy quicker than you can say Jacobs. And the lab tech, who was so memorable I cant even remember his name, what happened there, are we supposed to care about his fate, did the other characters in the movie even care about his fate? Is it a good film? Its OK, it really has very little to do with Planet of the Apes and probably shouldn't even say Planet of the Apes in the title. The plot is pretty thin and the whole film feels like its missing about 30 minutes of background and relationship scenes. That said, it was tedious and slow enough for the first hour without the extra scenes. The CGI is great, although claims that Cesar is the greatest moment of cgi in cinema history are well off the mark. Its good, but most of the time its pretty obvious its cgi.

Is it better than the Tim Burton film, the jury's out. Is it better than the original films, no chance.

Plus Points: Great CGI Downsides: Formulaic plot, no character development

Predators (2010)
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Watch the original instead.., 10 February 2011

I give this a very generous 2, it gets 2 points just because the special effects were reasonably good. The rest, just a blatant copy of the original film, similar characters, similar weapons, which just makes you think you've seen it all before. Some of the characters even manage to get killed in similar circumstances.

If you've seen the original film, and want to watch something almost identical with even worse acting, then this is the film for you. I will be brief with the review, as I actually went to sleep 40 minutes into it. The last hour might have been amazing, I will never no, I have no intention of watching the rest.

If you've seen the original don't bother with this. If you've not, then its probably worth a look.

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Simply Awful., 11 January 2011

After reading IMDb for several years, it has taken a film of such amazing awfulness to persuade me to put figurative pen to paper.

I had high hopes for this film. Liverpool over the years has been the breeding ground for some comedy legends, and the combination of scouse humour, and the rivaly between Liverpool and Everton seemed like it could be a winner.

How wrong I was. Poor jokes, that didn't even raise a laugh in the room, cheap gags that seem aimed at people with an iq below 40, and acting as bad as I have ever seen. No plot, No Jokes, No Point.

I turned off after 20 minutes. The least funny film I have ever seen, and I've seen a few, and desperately sad that this is the best they could come up with. There are funnier cabbies in Liverpool than any of the writers involved with this film.