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Films that really make the viewer think and reflect upon love and romantic relationships. Films that portray love in an unconventional or realistic manner, with all the uncertainty and fear and resentment that may come with it.

Some **may** consider my thoughts on the films listed to include **spoilers**. So if one wants to avoid spoilers, I suggest you avoid my descriptions.
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A list in which I include only the best GLBTQ films/series I have seen.
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Mostly headcanon and subtext stuff, up to interpretation. Suggestions welcome.
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A list of GLBT-related (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, etc.) movies and t.v. series that I either have or will view, organized chronologically and alphabetically. Enjoy and please add any suggestions.

I have a shorter list including only the best GLBTQ films/series here:
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Many movies aimed toward children can contain troublesome content, as is the case with all media, whether subtle or not, like violence, racism, sexism, and homophobia, etc. Now I've grown up with an ambivalent attachment to some of these movies. Here's a list of movies you and a child can love without worrying as much of exposing children to harmful messages, or where you can see more representation of people like you!
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A list of films that at least question or challenge monogamy, if not outrightly portray polyamory, polygamy, polyandry, etc. I have not actually seen a good number of films on this list.
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Some of these I haven't seen and some are funnier than others. Enjoy!
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A list of films directed by women. Many of the films I have not yet seen. Please feel free to add any suggestions or comments. Enjoy.
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A list of films that I personally find to be amazing through the history of cinema that I highly recommend. There are still, however, many great films that I am yet to see. My To-See List is lengthy. I welcome recommendations. Enjoy.