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A very subjective list of 101 Asian American films that hold some kind of meaning to me. I define "Asian American" here loosely. These are films either made by, about, with or concerning Asian Americans.

There are a lot of very good Asian American films missing from the list but I tried to keep the list to the films that made some kind of impact on me (sometimes not a positive one at that).
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For your edutainment, here is a list of all the Asian Americans who have made a narrative feature film. The list is limited to people of Asian decent who are at least 1.5 or 2nd generation US resident/citizen and who have made at least one narrative feature film that can be verified (e.g. IMDB, official website, festival screening, etc.)

Examples of filmmakers not included in the list:

ex. 1: Ang Lee (The Incredible Hulk) is not included because he spent his formative years in Asia.
ex. 2: Julia Kwan (Eve and the Firehorse) is not included because she is Canadian.
ex. 3: Rena Tajima (Who Killed Vincent Chin) is not included because she makes documentaries.
ex. 4: Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) is not included because he is not Asian nor American.

If we combined all the co-directing efforts and hapas, we hover around 100 total. Pretty inspiring. These are the pioneers. The Film Committee of 100 so to speak. BTW many of these films are available on DVD -- get to know your history and support Asian American film!

Help me if I missed anyone. I compiled this list a couple years ago so it is probably missing some folks. Also, FYI for putting the list together, I am putting myself at the top.