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Making a favorite movie list is hard. You have to choose the right films, and then you have to narrow it down again. It annoys me, but it is still fun. And besides, many people love to watch other people's favorite movies list. Now, I'm not a big fan with lists. It surves no criticism whatsoever unless you explain it along the way. I'm just doing this for the entertainment of other people. Also, I just want to answer a straight answer when somebody asks me what my favorite films are. Note this, I'm not totally a main stream watcher. I watch art-house and mainstream. I am only 14 years old, which will make this list far more interesting. And I watch R-rated films too. I think it's okay to watch R-rated films at my age if you know that some of the things on the screen is bad and unrealistic. This list will change through the course of time, like every other list. If you have an opinion, in which I would love to know, leave a comment.
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Why 60? Because it's my list! I will add comments later.
Honestly, with film snobs, they just don't say that there are some gems in the 21st century. Well, I'm not a goddamn snob. I am going to state the best films of the first decade of the 21st century now. Mainstream and Art-house.
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As another being in this corrupting world, I too watch television. But honestly, these are the only Tv shows I watch. If I watched a Tv show outside of this list, that means that I was forced too (a la 'American Idol'). These are Tv shows that either gave me inspiration, or I just love watching them.
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I don't know why I made this list, I just did.
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These movies are the nominees for my top 50 list. These movies will slowly dissapear from the list and will eventually turn into 50 films. If you want to reccomend some films than go ahead. And give me some likes on facebook. (P.S I'm only 13 so don't write bad stuff on the comments below. And the first 30 movies are actually my top 30 films. That might change too..).
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I only like horror movies that impressed me. So here are the movies that really impressed me!