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So and so movie, excellent performance by Kiefer, 26 September 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not too bad, but not something to watch more than once, unless you are a huge fan of one of the actors, who make a quite good appearance. Especially Kiefer nails his part and makes the film better. Otherwise quite slow film that leaves one possibly confused.

Possible SPOILERS follow:

It is nice to see Kiefer Sutherland in something else than 24. He can actually talk and not just whisper and he sure can act (but we already knew that). With just 5 seconds he can show that his character is gay, but I guess a lot of credit should go to the writers and director too. Kyra on the other hand did not impress me that much. Maybe it is because I didn't feel her character. But in all fairness she does capture her character well.

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Different but good! Funny but also makes you think..., 29 June 2004

The first four episodes were quite entertaining, and it feels sad to read all the negative critics about this show that in my opinion has great potential. Tom Papa has a unique sense of humor, which may be what scares the critics into talking down the show. I sure hope that NBC does not give up on the show and gives it a real chance with a full season.

Sometimes the show feels like it is changing styles in the different parts of a single episode. Tom Papa's monologue-like parts are funny in their own way by expressing things that you may have thought of but would never dare say. The dialog's with the mailman and Tom's boss tend to be exaggerated, which reminds of certain characters from Seinfeld or Everybody loves Raymond. But knowing that it is an obvious exaggeration makes these jokes OK. Tom and Karen have interesting and often very funny dialogs. Jennifer Aspen is probably the best part of the show, especially together with Tom Papa.