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Stunning movie, pure poetry, 8 February 2013

Very seldom do movies come along that actually transport you to another world, and do so in an entirely fresh way. I've seen a lot of very mediocre, huge budget films this year, like The Hobbit, Lincoln, Les Misrables to name three... all of these are following very predictable, linear, and boring traditions, tired methods of telling stories. Beasts of the Southern Wild is a huge blast of fresh air. The imaginative and confused mind of a child mirrors the messy story, and in so doing, deepens your enchantment and has you "give it up" and flow along with wonder. It is a masterpiece and should definitely be the Academy Award winner this year... that is IF they can think past the cliché's. As much as I loved the movie and loved the gorgeous girl acting the main role of Hushpuppy, I think her acting role was very easy (much of it narrated) and the woman who acted in Amour should win best actress. It is definitely the best movie I have seen for years, and will see it again soon.

Amour (2012)
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Powerful and real, but contrived and inconsistent, 23 January 2013

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This is a fantastic and powerful movie... amazing performances, unrelenting realism... and then comes the ending.

I REALLY DISLIKED the way it ended and think it undermined the integrity of the film. It was uncharacteristically sentimental. My guess is this was done to give the wider audience a slightly nicer-than-bleak tone? Why else would the director want us to believe that after he (presumably) kills himself (what on earth happens to his body???) the couple are re-united in the "afterlife". Hmmm. Sweet, but irrelevant to the story and superstitious speculation at best.

The missing body, or the fact it was not alluded to at the start of the movie when her body is found, seems like an unnecessary and contrived ploy "to make us wonder", debate the ending etc... In this way it is contrived, perhaps a marketing department idea to create a "hook" for cinema goers to debate and therefore promote the movie.

This missing body anomaly, and the fact that we are given the "feel good" token at the end seems entirely inconsistent with the rest of the movie - which is so beautifully real. So the ending (beginning) is really poor and somewhat spoils what would have been a masterpiece.

Anna Karenina (2012/I)
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Contrived, forced and pretentious, this movie is over worked, 7 September 2012

It took me about an hour to stop being irritated by the movie's self consciousness, to sort of enjoy it... but the damage was done.

As viewers, we have no reason to believe in the love Anna finds. He is creepy and give us no inkling of why she might ruin her life for him.

Kiera isn't bad, just annoying, considering we have no empathy for her self indulgence. If her husband was worse, her love a lot nicer, and if we could feel electricity between them, it would be a different matter, but the fact is the movie is too busy being clever... it misses out on having a heart and soul.

The theatre gimmick got in the way, and seemed like a cheap way of having Moscow backdrops without actually traveling there.


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Appalling, boring, joyless, lifeless dismal waste of time, 19 May 2011

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I have enjoyed most of the other Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but decreasingly so. Now, it seems with 3D, you do not have to have a movie which has a story, just a bunch of fight scenes, people fighting to win a race to get to the fountain of youth.

Mr Rush was the only enjoyable thing about the movie. I am disappointed J Depp would sink to this kind of rubbish. There is LITERALLY no story, so it is hard to comment about it, but it is Hollywood in a very bad state when crap like this gets churned out as an excuse for entertainment.

Special effects and 3D does not excuse having no character development/theme/intrigue etc... there just was nothing there other than 3D and FX trying to puff itself up into a worthwhile entity. MASSIVE FAIL.

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Trite, shallow drivel, 18 December 2010

Mildly entertaining schlock.

Really an implausible excuse for sexual power play, men are the baddies, women take revenge...

The girls meet as a dancer and bartender at a seedy club where a couple of pimps who run the club try to buy their services, surprise surprise. When the girls tell the club owners to shove it, they get tossed out on the pavement. From there to scenes of them masturbating takes all of about 5 minutes (which in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but it all seems to be so idiotically shallow and without any reason to exist).

The movie storyline and depth is a little above a porn movie level, ie, some kind of story to showcase the sex bits.

I'm not sure who recommended this movie to me, I need to remember to learn to avoid their future suggestions. Low brow! Give it a miss.