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These are the top film moments when characters unexpectedly break out into song. You won't find musicals on this list. Only the true surprises of cinematic song. You'll find Youtube addresses at the bottom of each description to watch.
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A list of movies and scenes with the best swordfights in cinema. *Note- These swordfights include those with a focus generally on two or three characters (although incidental antagonists sometimes do get in the way). Therefore, large, epic sword battles with masses of enemies have been ommitted from this list. (Youtube addresses have been included at the end of each description for viewing. Only those with comments written are placed in any paricular order- the rest are, as yet, random.)
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Many TV shows get cancelled without really getting a fair shot at working up to their best, but these shows were great from the start. Nevertheless, the powers-that-be didn't have the foresight to keep them in the running.

*Note- I have not included shows that were intended as mini-series or were short-lived but played out to a proper, intended ending, i.e. 'Rome' and 'Deadwood'.
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Although most mini-series wouldn't translate well to a film-screen production due to length, story-arc, etc., these TV mini-series have big production feel with high quality pay-off.
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This list hopes to include the best movies with either:
A) Wine as a theme
B) The best movies to watch while drinking a bottle (or two) of wine.

*If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to add them...