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these are my personal favorites, I'm open to suggestions, as I'm always looking for more and I'm sure I forgot something
Not in exact order except for the first two.
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feel free to suggest because if I don't know them I'd love to check them out but this is my top 10 so I won't add them, the descriptions contain major show spoilers.
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Actresses that Often wear or just left a great impression when they wear Tight leather suits, heavy horror/sci-fi make up or provocative outfits. the beautiful women who star in movies and shows that until recently were seen as just for geek. Open to suggestions as I'm sure ive missed one or two. No Order
I'm not adding any bond girls because theres just too damn many, just image there here and feel free to suggest.
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Possible Spoilers! This is a list of the best dream sequences & Drug trips that I have seen, It will be an ever growing list and is more than open to suggestions as I'm sure I've missed something, so if I'm missing anything please let me know but of course if I haven't seen the movie, I won't add it. No particular order.
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I think the title is self explanatory but, this is just a list of the movies that I love unconditionally, Movies that I love every second of and if someone call them bad I am Liable to go on a rant as to why they are wrong, I know everyone has their own opinion but when you love something you should defend it.
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As I've said in some of my other list's I love campy horror so some of these are not for everybody. and as always these are not in order the only one that is defiantly in the right place is the first one. there are others that I love but I chose not to add them for various reasons.
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I love all the predecessors for these movies but sometimes sequels/remakes are better and sometimes they're in a league of their own.
I'd also like to add that the remake plague annoys me to no end but that doesn't mean they're all bad. I want to add that this isn't a list of all good sequels. some movies have great sequels but these are the only ones I personally consider to be in the same class as their predecessors
Feel free to tell me what I've missed though it's likely if it's not here I either didn't see it or didn't like it but it's possible I've overlooked so feel free
NOTE: I did not like 26 Days Later and did not see it's sequel so please don't mention it I didn't like it because of the second half it was going great, great horror great story then turned to crap in my opinion so please don't mention it.

No Order.
The Hills Have Eyes
The Hitcher
The Thing
The Crazies
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Movies I love that are like no other... some have sequels but all were original and awesome....... In my opinion anyway
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Just a small collection of some of the most screwed up movies I have seen, I Love most of them but some I hate.
NOTE: If it's not on the list it likely means I haven't seen it.
I can't list movies I have not seen
also please keep in mind this is based on my own opinion.
no particular order.
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Actors/Actresses I'll watch anything for. I love all of them though some are not nearly as talented as others I have yet to see them in a role I did not enjoy and most can make bad movies very good.
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Johnny Depp is the most talented actor of his generation and one of the best in history. that's just my opinion of course but I know many people agree with me. here are what I consider to be his best parts.
Quite a few of his movies are still on my watch list but these are my favorites from what I know
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BEFORE YOU READ THIS LIST READ THIS! I don't care if you hate the Transformers movies, they were awesome popcorn movies this is not a list of the greatest movies of all time this is a list of my favorite popcorn movies for those who don't know what a popcorn movie is it is a movie that may lack character development and may have a flawed plot but is at its core entertaining movies are made to entertain people and these movies are all entertaining....there are many many others that I adore but these are my top 20. no real order except #1
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I don't need to hear how much you don't like the stuff on this list most of them are bad some are good but people who know me wouldn't expect me to like
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In order according to my own personal opinion
NOTE: there are no Superman movies on this list because superman is an egocentric ridiculously overpowered douche with a crappy disguise.
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I originally only wanted 5 but there were some others that I Just didn't want to leave out
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I Wanted to add:
Jonny Santos (Silent Civilian/Spineshank)
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My top 10 Low Budget movies
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I've made lists similar to this one but I'm bored so here it is, in my personal pinion based on movies I've seen these are the movies I believe people should watch, you may not like them but notice the title doesn't say they're great, I love them all but you may not feel free to post ones I've missed but do so with this knowledge, if it's not listed there's a good chance i haven't seen it. I Can't list movies I've never seen..... no particular order
Movies that won't be on hear because they are on my Can't believe Ive never seen them list
Schindler's List, Apollo 13, Jaws, Backdraft, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, 12 Angry Men, Philadelphia, Big, Rocky, The Godfather part III
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Movies I liked but can't figure out why or movies I can't decide weather I like them or not.
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as of 6/20/2011 these are movies of the lost two years 2010,2011 I found to be great obviously there are more but these are the ones I believe to be the top 10 not in order
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as of today 6/20/2011 these are movies I either enjoyed as a child or didn't like the first time but intend on giving them a second shot.
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Some movies grab you in the first few seconds here is a list of movies with some of the best opening scenes I've ever seen
(No Order)
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Actors who have played a truly lovable or Iconic Character that the masses fell in love with or that one character where no matter what they did after people remember them for that character.
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Movies I saw twice in theaters either because they were awesome or because I more than one person wanted to go with me on different days
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movies with my favorite and most unique sex scenes
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you could pick these 10 movies apart all day but flaws don't make a movie bad these 10 movies are in a word awesome and all have mountains of flaws. ignore the flaws and enjoy the movie. If I've missed any it's possibly because i have not seen them but please comment.
a list of 5 characters
Before any comments are left about what I've left out I was never a Nintendo guy and don't play first person shooters
a list of 26 characters
In my opinion of course. one is kind of bad guy (Girl) seeking revenge on worse guy but still great match up
a list of 10 titles
I love a lot of action but if i had to pick my top 10 these would be my choices (No order but Sin City is my #1)
a list of 27 titles
Still growing and I used to own over 50 more that I've either sold or lost
a list of 250 titles
This list is always expanding but here's what I have now, (In the order on my shelf)
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There are as always others but these are just sixteen of my personal favorites (No Order)
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not saying Great as in Parent of the year but you can truly believe that the performer cares for the children they're supposed to be the parent of,weather their methods be loving, flawed or just plain irresponsible, Except for the first one theyr'e all from shows that or on today or had their run over the last ten years.
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some movies just can't be done justice by words. you can say something about them and people will agree but you just can't do them justice with words. In my opinion anyway. there are of course others but I'm just listing some that in my opinion stand out. feel free to tell me I'm wrong or missed something but if it's not on the list it means that for one reason or another I didn't think it belonged on my list. these also aren't necessarily my favorite movies, those can be found on another list of mine but these are just 5 films that put me in awe when I saw them or every time that I see them.
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I love rooting for the bad guys, some movies make it easy and some focus the entire movie on bad guys fighting worse guys. there are of course others but I decided to put the first 21 that came to mind... no particular order though The Joker is Number one
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Some are for various reasons but soe I'm happy about because the first experience just wouldn't be the same
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Movies from when was young that I will always love, even if they've lost their charm or are not as good as an adult
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They don't always play a man's man but they do most of the time and when they do their performance hits hard
a list of 15 titles
15 movies I've seen that have stood the test of time
a list of 120 titles
No Order
a list of 10 titles
10 Great movies that keep you guessing til the very end or do a great job putting you into an alternate world
a list of 100 characters
listed in the order I remembered them not by how much I love them.
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Actors who frequently appear in horror or are part of a franchise and never disappoint me (No Particular Order)
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a list of 10 people
Just a small mix list of actors who's career never blossomed for whatever reason or has recently started.
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obviously since you can only list one at a time assume every two are just one. and before anyone mentions Will Ferrel and John C. Riely in "Step Brothers" I am going to state that I don't like Will Farrell and have never seen "Step Brothers." other than that I'm open for dispute.
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these actors completely engulf themselves in every role they do and just bring it to life in a satisfactory way ever time, of course there are others but these are the fifteen I enjoy the most.
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Bare in mind while reading, I don't like first person shooters and I was never a Nintendo guy, (Never played a Zelda game and could always take or leave any Mario.) no particular order but the GOW games do hold the top 3 for sure.
a list of 15 titles
some say these movie get too much credit but all these live up to their hype. (In My opinion anyway)
a list of 20 titles
I have heard that the "Kings Speech" is phenomenal but since I have not yet seen it I don't feel right putting it on my list.(no particular order)
a list of 15 titles
As I've stated in other Lists Bruce Willis is my favorite actor, He's not the most talented or most versatile actor out there but he's number 1 on my list all the same and these are my favorites with him in them, no particular order.
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I love so many movies but I firmly believe that a favorite movie is a movie that gets undeniably better with every watch.
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Not calling all of them bad, some are bad, but they're just not for me.
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Bruce Willis and Johnny Depp are definitely my top 2 but the rest are in no particular order, obviously there are others but I don't feel like listing them all
a list of 5 people
with 3 movies of theirs I love most.
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These actors, Directors and Writers have made movies what they are today and I don't even want to think of what movies would be without them. and as usual these are in no particular order.
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a list of 30 characters
No particular order. if there was an order Sam, Dean, Dexter, Sylar, Eric, and Lafayette would take the top 5.
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a list of 18 titles
Liva action then animated
a list of 10 titles
I love campy movies, especially campy horror movies, they just put a huge smile on my face.
a list of 15 titles
I didn't hate all of these some simply fell too far short of their hype.
a list of 60 titles
Entertaining means so many things but mostly its when the movie grabs you every time you watch it. a truly entertaining movie isn't just something you watch, it demands your attention. of course there are others but I don't feel like making a super list so here it is.