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The informative years of my life can essentially (and a little unfortunately) be summed up right here. These pretty much answer for my sense of humor, for better and for worse.
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The films that just look so good I can't miss them.
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Just the most laugh-inducing TV I have seen in my life.
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These are comedies that may not be loved by all, or even known by many, but that I will preach the goodness of no matter how unnecessary it is or how loudly I do it. Because they're just hilariously funny / incredibly brilliant / wonderfully entertaining enough for me to speak up when they're disrespected.
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These films are the prime examples of how independent film, film for the art and not for the money, can express thoughts, feelings, and ideologies like no other genre can. This list could go on forever, but these are the most recent and most outstanding films I can recall, and the ones that proved this very fact to me.
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Independent films are getting better and better. They offer outlooks on life and opportunities for expression like no blockbuster or popular awards film can. These are some of the upcoming independent films that not only exemplify why such a genre is so invaluable to the world of film, but also deeply interest me!
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I know some people are going to hate me for this, but these movies just entertained me so little or just struck such a negative chord in me that I just won't like them.
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As a result of buzz, previous movies, or just anticipation, I don't know how I'm going to manage to wait for the following movies to come out.
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Just beautiful women who always astound me when I see them. :)
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The most intriguing, the most captivating, and the most well developed characters in movies I have seen. Some are funny, some dramatic, some haunting, some disturbed, some evil, some good. A bit of everything, but they're all great characters.
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Movies with some of the best sequences, shots, or moments that just drive a point home, shock or scare you, or make you gasp or think. Moments that make you feel all tingly about what you're watching, from shock, awe, empathy, sorrow, delight, or realization.
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Some villains exude such a feeling of menace, terror, and evil that it is almost impossible to stop your heart beating a little bit faster when they come onscreen. And these villains are made possible by great actors.
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Some movies have very differing ratings from IMDb users versus Rotten Tomatoes critics. This is a comparison of IMDb ratings and Rotten Tomatoes from critics only. More to come...
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With the Oscar deadline very near, it's time to see which movies (between 5 and 10 this year) will be nominated. The first five are definite, after that its a maybe. They are in order of my favorites, within those two groups.
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If all these amazing actors were in one movie, I would see it. A million times. Based somewhat on how much I like their performances in movies, but otherwise, no real order.

P.S. This is MY opinion. Feel free to have your own list.
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The people who, if they really put their talented heads together, would probably make the best movie ever.
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My choice of the best, dramatic and funny, films from England or in some way associated with England. Not necessarily in order or including EVERY film, because I haven't seen all of them.
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not necessarily in order, after the first two, and not including every movie of 2010