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Misunderstood, 1 January 2011

I only started watching Xfactor last year, and then mostly only the auditions. This year (2010 Xfactor) was different.

I was like all the other haters out there, believing it to be some stupid money-making scheme by Simon Cowell which shames terrible singers then praises slightly better singers.

This year I found myself mistaken. The auditions are still the same, it's just the audience laughing at bad performances (don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's bad to laugh at some freaky old lady screaming down the microphone) but this time, when it came to the live shows, I actually liked the contenders. Not only could they sing well like I believed no-one really could on the Xfactor, most seemed to have nice personalities, only shown further on back-stage shows like Xtra factor. You can choose your favourites which would for me be the good singers with good personalities, and then choose your most hated. (Some one you just don't like the look of or a bad singer, it's your choice) and then from then it's listening to them sing and hoping your favourite stays in.

It can get tedious and boring at times, I often left half-way through once my favourite act had performed, but it's much better than I expected.

It may just be this year, maybe next year it'll be packed-full with boring generic singers. Either way I know I'll have to check it out at least.

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Overdone yet surprisingly good, 16 December 2010

I know most people start with a plot summary here, but since it appears everyone already has in other reviews, I'll just go ahead and give my take on the show.

First off I'd like to make the point that I have never been a big fan of Nickelodeon shows. I watched 'Drake and Josh' a bit when I was younger and even then only if I was bored. Shows after 'Drake and Josh' under the description of teen sitcom have never amused me much since. For an example I will take the show ICarly (created by the same man who created Victorious along with others) Personally I find Icarly just another rip- off and is much too hit and miss for me to watch.

Victorious however is different. Not much difference of course, it's still packed-full of quirky characters who shout needlessly, but the humour somehow appeals to me, though you do get the occasional bad joke which I generally ignore.

As said, the characters are clearly overdone and though good-actors I still find myself comparing Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) to Carly from ICarly. The characters are still interesting though, one stand-out is Cat (Ariana Grande I think) who not only is amazingly good-looking (Had to fit that in) she can also make me laugh and is clearly a decent actor; AGAIN, even though she is playing a overdone quirky person.

So well done Victorious!