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Best Actor (2010)
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Go for it..., 15 December 2010

This is not a movie for those who takes cinema too seriously. Its a celebration. The director has done a great job as a debut. The movie doesn't has a complicated story, it has a simple story with a lots of fun and a pinch of sentiments.

Most of the recent Mammootty movies were filled with repetitive and unfunny comedies. Unlike them this movie has fresh comedies and funny local dialogues. Usually in other Mammootty movies Suraj was an essential entity and thank God this movie is Suraj free. Here Lal, Nedumudi Venu, Salim Kumar and also MAmmootty has boosted the comedy a lot.

Considering the technical aspects, Martin Prakkat is following the path of Amal Neerad and Ashiq Abu especially in cinematography,make ups, editing and BGM.

Overall....its a good movie for youths.... Bunk your classes and go for it....

Phoonk (2008)
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Disappointing, 15 December 2010

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I don't know whether it is actually directed by RGV. It lacks the power of a RGV movie.Event though it is not a complete copy of any other movie, some scenes will remind you the Hollywood movies 'The Exorcist' and 'The Fourth kind'. The emotional scenes are a little boring. The basic story idea is good but, they failed in elaborating it properly.Thank God, there is no ghosts in funny make ups like in typical Indian horror movies. It follows the path of J/K horror movies and the appreciation goes to the director. We must also appreciate for selecting a plot like 'black magic' which can be rarely seen in contemporary horror movies . And he also won in telling it in a purely Indian way.