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my pick of best film of the year since (1930-2013)
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Unforgettable, brilliant, shocking, mind-blowing, original,and unfilmable ...
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Highly intelligent ape, coolest driver, and frustrating mom, those are some of brilliant portrays of the year best movie characters. Maybe you mightn't agree with my list, of course, at least as a great movie observer i have given my opinion, and here they are....
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previously i made the list of best of the best supporting actor Oscar winners, now i've picked my favorite of best supporting actress. all i know that,each of the winners were tremendous and skillful actors and not to mention their entire acting careers on films or tv which sometimes didn't seem quite success after winning the award. this is for their performance in the films which won them the awards, even though many just appeared in a few minutes. however, this is my list and many moviegoers could be far better for giving their Judges. thank U
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This is my list of my favorite best supporting actor winners from 1928 - 2009, it's hard to rank which place on the tops since there are so many greatest performances through the 82 years and of course i consider my list is not an absolute pick cause there are other brilliant critics/voters who have good judges, so take look at this:
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This is my list of top 10 best films of 2010. they're so many good films from January to December 2010, and it's difficult to rank them. however this list is my own choice as a moviefreak not as a critic.