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Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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Trying too hard to make you laugh..., 5 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I saw the previews, I wasn't interested in this movie. My husband was planning on taking me to this movie for our 5th and I am so pleased didn't. It's been about 5 months since this came to theaters and I finally sucked it up and watched it, only to realize I was right about how awful it would be.

I assumed it would be one of those movies where the only funny parts are the ones you see in the previews and I was right.

The first thing that I found cheap, tacky and unoriginal was the overweight woman was disgusting. Melissa McCarthy played an adorable and beautiful Sookie on Gilmore Girls, so to be reduced to a farting blob that can't be sure if she's farting or burping, is pathetic. And i couldn't tell if she was a masculine lesbian or not. She acted like a man, but was attracted to men which made no sense.

This movie is full of disgusting scenes trying to be funny rather than actual humor, much like the "Scary Movies".

Neither Paul Feig, Kristen Wiig, nor Annie Mumolo had a creative bone in their bodies or an original thought in their heads. The bridesmaids dresses are hideous, even though these days most brides choose nice dresses to make the whole wedding look nicer; bad dresses aren't so common anymore. They all get food poisoning, and the entire bridal shop scene is vomit worthy. The maid of honor, surprise-surprise, is upset about still being single so she shrugs her duties as MOH. And as always, if you don't have anything worth while, win over the audience with sex and profanity.

The movie was the most unsophisticated you can get, so far, but lets give people a chance to beat it. It's not funny is disgusting and so implausible that you'd have to be an idiot or drunk to find it to be a quality comedy.

The only funny part was... In conclusion, I'm sure this movie is hilarious to its target audience of teenagers, adults with lower than average IQs or viewers that are high or drunk. It may be for viewers of Jersey Shore and Jackass, not viewers of Jeopardy.