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Wanderlust (2012)
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And the answer is NO.. you don't see them., 24 July 2012

I think we all know what I mean, about a year out from the release there were reports Aniston was going to bare her chest for once.. I will save you the 98 minutes of Anticipation. It doesn't happen. Not sure if that's a spoiler alert or not.. but I will tick the box.

I thought the movie was okay at best. It did have some funny parts. I thought Paul Rudd was funny as usual and he definitely made the movie. I thought Justin whatshisface was trying to be Will Forte.. seriously, they should have cast him instead. Aniston was beautiful as always.. Seriously Brad Pitt what were you thinking??

Give it a watch. Nothing too great, but it's not a dogs breakfast.

Straight to the point,

Tony from NZ

The Sitter (2011)
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How funny is Jonah Hill??!, 24 July 2012

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I have got to be honest, when I originally watched the trailer on IMDb I thought.. "Why would anyone want to watch that??". However Upon watching it I will tell you why.. It's Hilarious!

The best part about the film is that it's relatable, not because I have a drug addicted girlfriend who doesn't love me (or go down on me) or that I owe a drug dealer thousands of dollars.. but because I am a young 22 year old lad who would be just as clueless as the next guy trying to babysit 3 little nightmares.

The opening scene set the tone of the movie, and I thought Jonah Hill was at his witty best. I definitely recommend this film for anyone who is looking to kill 90 minutes on his day off from university because it's too rainy outside.

Straight to the point,

Tony from NZ.

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Pretty Average Movie, 28 January 2012

You see Ed Helms and you think FUNNY Right..?? ... WRONG! Before watching I decided to skip the premise, seeing Ed Helms' mug on the cover is enough reading for me to realize this should be good! He's a funny Guy.. But Man... How boring was it?! I don't think I laughed once.. Not once!

The script was lacking in everything.. especially humor. I don't even know why they bothered to make this movie. If you have a look at who is in it.. Why did Sigourney Weaver decide to take on this movie.. She is in for maybe 10 minutes? That could have been money saved and spent on another script!!

Straight to the point, Tony from NZ.

Scream 4 (2011)
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I can see why Cox gave Arquette the flick. Great Fillm Though!, 22 April 2011

I was fortunate enough to see this movie before it came out over here in New Zealand. So Glad I took that opportunity. It was fantastic! I thought, they touched and dealt with all the issues of skepticism that watchers have on Horror teen slasher films in the opening scenes which were both funny and creative.

The rest of the movie itself was very enjoyable,the whole way through the film you are guessing as to who the killer is. It's definitely worth the watch, especially if you like guessing games.

It's amazing how much difference good acting can make in a storyline like this. Conversly poor acting stands out like a sore thumb. I thought the Character played by David Arquette was just about as weak as his acting. Surprised they were married for that long to tell you the truth.

All in all, A great film. Definitely recommend especially if you have seen the other films.

Telling it how it is, Straight talking Tony from NZ

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It was fine., 22 April 2011

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This movie was fine. Nothing more. Nothing less. It contained all the usual ingredients that make a horror. New family in town, an urban legend which no one should check out, pretty girls, people dying and to finish ... a twist at the end.

I saw that people were complaining, or even thinking that the twist at the end was outside the realm of possibility. To be honest with you, you could see it coming from a mile away.

All in all, if you want to kill some time this movie is great for doing that.

Telling it how it is.

Straight talking Tony from NZ

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Apparently it was a comedy?, 18 February 2011

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I knew very very little about the movie when I decided to watch this film, but when I saw that Zach Galifianakis was in it I needed no convincing as generally he plays a very funny character. I was wrong.

Although I didn't hate the movie, my expectations were far too high. The fact that I had just previously watched the movie 'Due Date' where Galifianakis truly was at his side splitting best probably did not help at all. I thought this had potential for sure, they were working with patients in a mental ward so they needed a funny character to take on a humorous role.

I also thought they needed to have a something 'big' happen. Maybe one of the patients could harm/kill themselves which would give our main character 'Cool Craig' a better perspective and understanding on how small his problems were in comparison to those who really were suffering from major depression.

Anyway overall, I thought the movie was alright so a solid 4 I think is adequate.

Reviewed through the eyes of Straight talking Tony NZ.

Step Up 3D (2010)
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Watch it for the dancing.. But thats about it., 20 December 2010

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Step Up 3 directed by John Chu is average at best. The story follows a typical format which follows the lives of a group of outkast kids who need to overcome adversity in order to succeed.

The dancing in the movie itself is pretty amazing but other than that it is lacking. Even then I think the dancing lacked in comparison to the other 2 films Natalie's final dance move in the film was weak, it was clear throughout that she was not a natural dancer compared to Moose played by Adam G. Sevani. The acting is pretty poor but then again what can you expect when the script is clearly lacking.

To be honest I am a little surprised that this is rated above a 5. I think a solid 3 and half would be more appropriate.

Straight to the point,

Anton Thomas from NZ

Triangle (2009)
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It's called 'Triangle'... 'Circle' would be a better fit., 12 December 2010

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Christopher Smiths psycho thriller 'Triangle' is average at best. The movie was low budget and had incredibly poor acting although I felt Liam Hemsworth held it together. The script was far to repetitive and it took too long to get to the action. Personally I found the main character, Jess incredibly hard to look at so I struggled to feel sympathetic towards her. Admittedly I watched this movie immediately after watching Inception which probably didn't help as it was not as well thought out and working on a different budget.

Straight to the point,

Anton Thomas NZ