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2010 King Season 1 Television series 2nd Boom

2010 Best Laid Plans Television Pilot 2nd Boom

2010 Reviving Ophelia Television 2nd Boom

2010 John A- The Rivals M.O.W. 2nd Boom

2010 Reagan Law television Pilot 2nd Boom

2009 Unnatural History Television Pilot 2nd Boom Operator

2009 The Wild Girl M.O.W. Boom Operator

2009 The Clark Rockafeller Story M.O.W. 2nd Boom Operator

2007 Nothing Really Matters
(Independent Film) M.O.W. Boom
The Hulk (2nd Unit)
(MVL Incredible Productions Canada Inc.) Feature Boom Operator

2006 Canadian Autoworkers of Canada Union IATSE Conference
(Skyline Hotel) Sound Mixer

2005 The West Wing (2nd Unit) Television Series 2nd Boom

2004 Samantha M.O.W. 2nd Boom

2004 Kevin Hill Television Pilot Boom

2004 I.A.S.T.E. Demonstration at Toronto'sQueen’s Park Sound Mixer

2004 Soul Food – Season 4
(Season for Soul Food Productions Inc.) Television Series Boom Operator

2001 Nero Wolfe (Cycle II)
(Jaffe Braunstein Films Ltd.) Television Series 2nd Boom

2001 Convicted
(Cania Productions) M.O.W. Boom

2001 The Last Chapter Television Series Boom

2001 Earth the Final Conflict Television Series Boom 2nd Unit

2000 Drop the Beat (Cycle I)
(Alliance Atlantis Communications) Television Series Boom

1999 The Loretta Claiborne Story
(Running Success Productions Inc.) M.O.W. Boom

1998 Detroit Rock City
(New Line Entertainment) Feature Film 2nd Boom

1997 Pushing Tin Feature Film 2nd Boom

1996 The Pretender
(MTM Television) Television Pilot Boom

1995 Simon Birch Feature Film Boom 2nd Unit