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These are all the films that were nominated for a golden raspberry award(razzies) in the worst picture category from 1980-present
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People who have lived 50 years old or younger. These people lived fast and died young.
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A list of people that I think that are pretty funny(dead or alive).
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This is my personal list of models/singers/actress I think are hot and attractive. (No order)
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I know Hollywood likes to re-release films to the big screen usually films that did quite well(Star Wars, Jurassic Park) to Disney films in 3D. But these are my own personal list of films from the 80's to whenever that should be re-released nationwide for audiences to see!
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This my own list(you may disagree that's fine) but everyone agrees to disagree. These to me underrated through word of mouth, box office performance, or its reputation.
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More coming soon
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Some found profit overseas but didn't make the cut completely and studios also add in prints and advertising in the cost as well not only with how many tickets are sold
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2014 is on its way in a few weeks so why not get ready to talk next year's slate of flicks.
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It's near the end of the year so why not share the bombs of the year, while some made decent money worldwide it still didnt get its money back and some of these were on Forbes as well.
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